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This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information is the official version of the original browser battle royale. All of the updates made to the original game will be made to the mobile game as well, so everything is in sync!

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With fast paced matches and randomly generated maps, is the ultimate mobile battle royale experience. Our cheats and tips will show you how to be the last one standing!

This battle royale is like other top down battle royale games, so past experience applies here! But do not worry if you are unfamiliar, as we are here with our cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to be the last one standing!

Grab the essentials!

As soon as you spawn in, make a mad dash for the nearest building or crate. Wooden crates sometimes have items inside, but you will have to break them open first, so be aware of your surroundings.

Buildings have a much higher chance to contain some essential loot, including weapons, helmets, body armor, backpacks, and more. Try not to engage any other players until you have a full set of gear for the best chance of survival!

One of the most essential items are scopes. Scope in this game will zoom your camera out, allowing you see more of the world around you. They come in 2x, 4x, 8x, and finally 15x levels. Having a visual before your enemies do allows you to get the jump on them!

Of course, if you see a player who is clearly unarmed, you should take advantage of that, even if you do not have a full set of gear yet. Taking out players early is always a good thing!

Strategize and take cover!

If you are out in the open and you start taking fire from an unknown source, immediately take cover to avoid any scratch damage. There are random gray barrels strewn about the environment – these are perfect to take cover behind.

But, beware – there are light gray barrels and dark gray barrels. The dark gray barrels EXPLODE when they take enough damage, so do not stay by those, and take advantage of opponents who are doing just that!

Additionally, you may notice that you are slightly obscured whenever you walk under a tree. If you stay completely still, you may be able to hide from enemies, but keep in mind that you are never completely hidden. Though, the element of surprise may help you get the jump on an enemy.

Look for the secret bunkers!

Occasionally you may come across a set of suspicious looking stairs that go downward. If you follow these stairs, you may end up in a secret underground bunker. These bunkers have a very high chance of containing powerful weapons and high-tier loot. Just be careful, as there is an equal chance you may encounter another player down here!

Load up on painkillers and soda!

Painkillers and soda, when used, will fill up an orange bar that goes over your health bar. Whenever you take damage and there is a portion of the orange bar filled, it will drain to automatically recover your actual health.

While it may seem like the regeneration is too slow to be beneficial, it can and will be the difference between life and death in certain situations. The more the orange bar is filled, the faster your health will regenerate.

Take note however that even if you are full health, the orange bar will deplete on its own over time. You should still use painkillers and soda as soon as you are able to, but just keep this in mind.

Balance your weapons!

Each gun class uses its own type of ammo. You can have two guns on you at any time, so try to have two separate classes. We like to rock a short range and long range gun – for example a shotgun and an assault rifle. This will help you pick off foes from afar or get up close and personal to finish them off.

Take advantage of fire fights!

When the red zone starts to collapse on a small area and there are only a few players left, it is time to get dirty! Try to goad other players into fighting each other, then go in and finish them off when they are damaged from the previous fire fight. It is every man for themselves here, so try to take advantage of random fire fights breaking out!

That’s all for! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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