Prepare to ride the light! Dark Wave is a new psychedelic endless runner in which you play as a little light orb traveling the endless roads of the Dark Wave. If you have ever wanted an endless runner with a minimalist approach and attitude, then Dark Wave is the game for you.

As your journey starts, your little light of hope will begin to ride the waves. You will need to swerve left and right to avoid other orbs, as they will bring your light show to an abrupt end. Do not worry – there are power ups scattered along the path to help you out.

But, other orbs are the least of your worries. This is the Dark Wave after all, and what does that mean? Ever-changing waves! As you ride further along the Dark Wave, the waves will become more turbulent, and you are at the mercy of the wave. This is where Dark Wave’s main twist comes in: wave physics!

You will need to predict where you are going to land if you want to survive the waves. Adapt and overcome to lead your little light orb to victory.

Are you ready to board the Dark Wave? Dark Wave is available now for $0.99 on the iOS App Store.


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