Superstar Life Cheats: Tips & Guide to Become a Superstar


So, you want to become a superstar? Now you can easily become one in Superstar Life, the addictive simulation game for iPhone and iPad that gives you the chance to become one of the most popular people in the world. I am here to share with you some Superstar Life cheats: tips and basically a guide to get you up there faster than the rest because, just like in real life, becoming a top celebrity isn’t that easy, not even in the game!

So let’s check out all the details about the game in our Superstar Life cheats article below filled with tips and tricks for the game.

1. How to visit Kelly
One of the biggest problems in the game that appears to be a stumbling block is how to visit Kelly early on when you have that mission requirement. In order to do it, tap the Social tab in the Play menu, register your name first and afterwards you will not only get the chance to invite more friends to the game, but also you will have the option to visit Kelly. Quest complete!

2. Focus on completing the missions
Hit the Play button and check out the missions – each of the three girls will have something for you. I would suggest focusing on the missions from Jennifer first since they deal with your career and help you get some money. Amanda comes next and has the missions that require most time, and finally go for Kelly which will improve your style a lot (but her missions usually require you to spend some money on your shopping spree).

3. How to increase your style
I haven’t been able to find the place where your exact style number is shown, but the idea is that you need high style items in all areas in order to get better. You purchase these items from the mall, and the idea is to only buy the best in each category: dresses, tops, skirts and shoes, then all the Accessories. Even though it might not look amazing, you can wear a dress, a top and a skirt/pants and that is what you should do to maximize your style levels.

4. What job/career to choose
Honestly, there’s not a big difference here and all careers are equal in terms of rewards. So just choose the one that fits you best and follow your dream!

5. Visit the Carnival
There are some games that you can play at the Carnival once per day. Make sure you always play them and try to complete the tasks for each game to get maximum amounts of tickets. Then, you can redeem your tickets in the carnival for some really amazing items that will boost your style rating a lot!

6. Get a Fabulous rating in your career
Every time you visit your office (aka Career) you will be judged based on your style meter. The idea is to get the Fabulous reward for some real goodies and fame. Therefore, invest in designer goods and increase your style rating on all levels to get there. Basically, the more money you spend on an item, the better it is for your style and social status.

7. How to Successfully Date in Superstar Life
There are quite a few good looking boys to date in this game, and you have to work your way up to them , just like in a career. You will first have to go on a first date with them in the Nightclub and, if successfull (you have 15 minutes to reach your goal), they will become your boyfriends and you can date them at the coffee shop. In order to be successful with your first date, you need to find the interests of your partner and talk to them about that stuff. For example, Brandon likes Sports and music – choose these topics and he’ll be yours immediately. Then move to the Coffee Shop for a second date (then more) and you will get nice gifts from filling the love meter. In order to do so, you will need a lot of available energy – and I would suggest performing the “Me” actions because they also give you social bubbles.

8. Search the buildings
Whenever you have some free energy (after completing dates and jobs) go on a searching spree. Simply tap the buildings in the city and select the “Search” option: there are different items to be found and actually required to complete missions and challenges. I am not sure if specific buildings give specific items, I go through all of them will my whole energy.

9. What is the Luxury apartment and when to move in
I think that you should move into the Luxury apartment as soon as you have 2,500 available. There will be a new thing under construction once you move and you will love it!

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for Superstar Life. If you have questions or additional suggestions, let us know by commenting below.

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Superstar Life Cheats: Tips & Guide to Become a Superstar


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