SuperCity is a city builder’s paradise! SuperCity is, as you can probably guess from the name, a city building/management game where you’ll build houses, factories, shops, and more as you aim to become the ultimate city! Our SuperCity cheats and tips will focus on getting you lots of experience and coins so you can unlock more places to build.

There’s something for every architect in SuperCity, so let’s get to designing the city of your choice with our SuperCity cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Help out the Flying Saucer!

After completing some of the beginning quests, you’ll be able to get in touch with the suspicious Flying Saucer that you may have seen hovering around. Turns out that these little aliens are just having a bit of ship trouble, and need assistance in getting back to their home planet.

There are six quests in this quest chain, and you should prioritize them first. Unlike your other quests, the Flying Saucer quest chain is timed and will expire after a certain amount of time, so you should do them as soon as you can. You get a lot of experience and goodies for it, so it’s worth your time!

Go for the SuperBINGO!

Unlocking the SuperBINGO card grants you an additional set of “mini” quests. Completing these quests will mark off a number on your bingo card. Try to work on these quests in conjunction with your regular quests. Completing a row or diagonal on the card will net you a ton of awesome rewards, like goods and coins and even superbucks!

Keep your production buildings busy!

Buildings that produce goods and resources for you are specially marked in the building menu. They will also have a sleepy (zzz) icon appear above them to signify that there is currently nothing queued up for them. Try to always keep your production buildings busy. There’s no downside to having an abundance of resources – you do have an inventory cap, but it’s so high and you’ll be using the resources almost immediately it doesn’t really matter.

Harvest those coins!

Energy regeneration in SuperCity is deceptively quick! Not only does it take a measly 3 minutes to regenerate one energy, but you also get a full energy restore whenever you level up, which happens very often when you’re doing the early quests. Take advantage of this by collecting as many coins as you can from your various houses. If you want, you can also spend some energy by clearing out trees and debris so you can make your city bigger!

Help your friends out!

You’ll often get quests that ask you to go to your friends’ cities and speed up their building processes. Some quests will even have you ask your friends for certain items, and these quests can become a problem quick if you don’t link your Facebook account. Thankfully though the game will provide you with random players to send friend requests to – make sure to do this! You’ll need as many friends as you can get because these quests will more often than not be the last quest you need to complete before moving onto the next tier.

That’s all for SuperCity! If you’ve got any other city building tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. Comment:i am having a hard time playing that game because i dont have enough players and my facebook friend even they didnt play it. and ppl are not accepting my request. thats sad i have to wait for a week to collect 7 itrms.


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