Welcome back starfish! Today, the 1.5 update for Super Starfish has officially launched. Everything is getting a little more festive now, as this update is completely holiday themed, so expect some festive cheer!

During the month of December, your Sanctuary will turn into a winter wonderland, perfect for the holidays! To go with this theme, a new festive Starplant has been added to the Prizecano’s pool of goodies. Make sure you grab it before this event is over, as it will disappear!

A new ancestral family has been added: introducing the Squeekees, a new line of friends based on dolphins! These little happy guys are ready to hop into your sanctuary, and just like the other families, they are super cute!

To go with your new group of cosmic sea friends, there are also five new dazzling zones for you to find and explore. Some of these new zones are quite a spectacle to behold, while the others are incredibly dangerous, so keep your wits about you.

Lastly, a new starfish quest has been added. You will need to track down the Starlings, little baby starfish lost in the cosmos. This is just one of the many daily quests that you might get upon starting the game.

Super Starfish is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. Do not miss out on the holiday events!


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