Super Shuffle is an incredibly interesting and extremely difficult match three game that revolutionizes the genre with some really nice concepts and some headache-producing difficulty levels. But it’s fun to play and a challenge that most gamers will certainly accept – at least we did! And for those who are enjoying the game too, we’re here to share a set of Super Shuffle cheats and tips that will hopefully help you win all levels with three star ratings.

The game requires a lot of strategy thinking and maybe even more luck, but everything is doable if you follow some simple rules. Let’s check them out below in Touch Tap Play’s Super Shuffle cheats and tips article!


Go for long matches
It’s not as easy as it is in other games, but it is usually doable: the longer your matches, the better, because you unlock special items that give you special powers, like Bombs, lasers and color removal tiles. Go for L shapes, 4 or 5 matches and you’ll easily win your levels!

Flipping boards
The new mechanic that Super Shuffle brings to the game is the option to flip boards. This completely changes the way we play the game and offers even more options to the player (as well as extra headaches). Make sure that you always Flip the board and use all those moves for the extra point gains!

Shining boards
When the boards are shining, it means that you can flip them in order to create a match somewhere, somehow. It’s up for you to find out the correct way of flipping it, though, and if that’s the best option. Don’t forget that the board will flip differently if you tap the left/right side or up/bottom of the board.

Take your time
With so many possible matching options in the game, you should really take your time and strategize. The points received are low for basic matches and the level completion requirements are usually high, so you should really look at the board and see what options you have, if you should flip or perform a regular move and so on. It’s pretty difficult to plan ahead as in other games since it’s really complicated to take into account all the incoming pieces, but if you can do that too – it’s even better for you. If not – just make the match and pray that it was the right move. That’s my strategy in many occasions, ha!

Use all the Flips
Flipping boards is a new concept brought by this game and we might be tempted not to use it too often. However, it’s extremely valuable to use completely, since if you run out of Flips, the level won’t be over, but if you run out of moves, it will. So make sure that you first complete all the Flips (and put them to good use with some matches) in order to maximize your score.

Replay levels
All levels in the game are extremely difficult and luck plays an important part every time. So if you can’t beat a level, the only way to do it is by replaying it and hoping that you will get a better arrangement of items. Don’t forget to use all Flips that you have, then focus on the moves and strategize a lot in the mean time. Eventually, you will make it out of there alive and with your three star rating!

Do you have any other tips and tricks for fellow Super Shuffle players? Let us know by commenting below!



  1. The advice to use all the flips first isn’t very accurate. When you run out of flips it can get really hard to create some longer or needed combo’s so keep a few handy untill you have no moves left. Just saying ;) ;) ;)


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