Welcome back Sensos! We’re back with another guide on Super Senso. This time we’ll talk about the different ways of getting more unit cards. Getting duplicate unit cards is key to victory in Super Senso as you’ll need them to upgrade their stats. This guide will focus on the regular ways of getting more unit cards, plus methods of earning more keystones, the premium currency of the game. So let’s get started with our Super Senso guide on how to get more unit cards!

1. Don’t forget your Supply Drops!

Every four hours you’ll receive a free Supply Drop chest. These chests will contain a random amount of keystones, maybe a little bit of bytecoins, and a couple of cards. Being that these are absolutely free and only locked behind a time gate, these supply drops will be your only consistent source of new unit cards for a while. Be sure to enable notifications for the game so that you never miss a supply drop.

2. Check out the unit ranks!

The button above the shop will take you to the ranks. The small brown planet towards the left is the Prologue section. As you gain experience (the stars) and climb through the ranks, you’ll progress through the planets unlocking additional unit challenges. Tapping on the Prologue planet will show you a list of starter units, most of which you already have. Each unit type has a special challenge that you must accomplish using them, and you see your progress on the bar. Tapping on a unit will show you the challenge in detail. The challenges usually have something to do with the unit in question – for example both the Heavy and Light Tanks’ challenge require them to block a certain amount of hits with armor. After you complete a unit rank challenge, you’ll earn 25 precious keystones.

3. Choose your chest wisely!

And the main way to obtain new unit cards are of course the keystone chests. Here we’ll go over the various options. By the way, the amount of cards and senso cards listed is the guaranteed amount of cards you’ll get. If you’re lucky you might get more than the amount listed! The chests will change according to your current rank, and the prices and prizes will also change accordingly.

  • The Lunar Chest is the cheapest of the chests. It contains a good amount of coins and cards, with a few senso cards and a high amount of rare cards.
  • The Stellar Chest is the middle option of the chests. It contains the least amount coins and cards; you get less senso and rare cards, but it has a few guaranteed epic cards.
  • The Cosmic Chest is the most expensive of the chests. It contains the highest amount of  EVERYTHING – coins and cards, a ton of senso cards, rare cards, and even epic cards.

We know that the Cosmic Chest is extremely expensive but for good reason: it’s got everything you want! If you’re not chasing something specific we recommend just saving up for it. It’ll take a while but you’ll be glad you saved. The Stellar Chest is the most riskiest out of all the chests. Overall it has less value than the Lunar Chest but you do get a few epics from it.

4. Complete the challenges!

The final thing you can work towards are completing the challenges. These preset challenges are designed around specific units, so you get to test your mastery of the game mechanics. Completing these challenges for the first time will net you a regular reward chest. These chests are much like the supply drop chests so it’s worth your time to get them!

That’s all for getting more unit cards in Super Senso. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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