If you enjoy playing Peggle, then you will totally dig Super Monkey Ball Bounce aka SMB Bounce from Sega. But we’re not here to praise this game, even though we have all the reasons to do so – instead, we want to check out a complete set of Super Monkey Ball Bounce cheats and tips that will help you beat all levels and complete them with three star ratings too! So no matter if you call the game by it’s full name – Super Monkey Ball Bounce or just use the short name SMB Bounce… we’re here to help.

So read on for our complete set of Super Monkey Ball Bounce cheats and tips that will help you play like a Pro!


1. The extra lives cheat
You will eventually reach a point where you will not be able to complete a level and after a few tries, you will run out of lives. That’s when you should try the free lives cheat in Super Monkey Ball Bounce: simply quit the game and go to your device’s settings, then forward the time a few hours. When you will restart the game, you will have full set of hearts to play with.

Alternately if you don’t want to cheat, you can connect your game on Facebook and ask for extra lives from your friends or watch adverts for free lives. It’s your choice in the end and the result is the same: you get extra lives!

2. Don’t waste your gold
You get a pretty fair amount of free gold when you start the game, but you can easily lose it if you waste it early on. Even though you won’t get three star ratings on all levels from start, replaying them for a few times is better than spending gold on power-ups. Save the gold that you have for the moments when you really get stuck and are at a very difficult level. Most levels (if not all), can be beaten with a bit of luck and practice and no power-ups!

3. Use the fine tune option
On many occasions, I missed the requirements simply because I didn’t use the fine tune option in the game. Now it’s lesson learned and I am sharing it with you: whenever you need to make a perfect shot in an exact position, use the wheel at the bottom to fine tune your shot. It’s the easiest way to do it.

4. Hit the bonus pieces
Hitting the bonus pieces in each stage as early as possible gives you a major advantage and helps build up a score worthy of a three star rating. The bonus pieces are the blue colored ones which give you the super bouncy ball, extra points and multipliers. Try to take your first shot in such a way that you unlock as many as possible from your first shot.

5. First shot: most important
Actually, it’s the first shot (and then the second) that is the most important in SMB Bounce. In order to pile up on the points, you should try to make the most out of these first two shots, as later on will be more difficult to go for large scoring streaks.

6. Go for Skill shots
Skill shots are those shots that you take with the goal of sending your ball straight into the trampoline for an extra life. Of course, it makes no sense to just send it there without collecting a goodie along the way, so try to aim at one red piece which, after hit, sends your ball into the trampoline. You get some extra points as a bonus and a free ball!

7. Use power-ups wisely
The power-ups in Super Monkey Ball Bounce are extremely helpful, but they are pretty pricey too. However, when you have a really hard to get to area, try using them: the rocket offers a sure hit, but the others can work well too. Just make sure that you really need to use the power-up and you can’t complete the game otherwise, and use the one that gives you the most gain after its use.

8. Keep on playing
This is not a game that you complete easily and many of its levels are really difficult to master with three star ratings. Since luck is involved a lot too, it’s best to keep on playing and replaying the levels until you get them right. Don’t give up just after a few tries – in the end, SMB Bounce is a really fun game and it’s worth playing it over and over again!

And these are our tips and tricks for Super Monkey Ball. If you have extra advice to share with fellow players, let us know by commenting below.




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