Hey Touch Tap Players! Super Mario Run has finally arrived for iOS, and it’s already topping charts! Super Mario Run is a mix between an endless runner and a traditional platforming game with streamlined controls. In each level of Super Mario Run, there are hidden colored coins to collect. Once you collect a full set, you’ll be able to go after the next set of coins.

Completing a set of coins awards you with two Toad Rally tickets! Having trouble finding the coins? Don’t worry – we’ve got a video guide dedicated to finding all colored coins in the first three levels. Look below for our Super Mario Run Coin Guide on how to get all colored coins in world 1!


0:00 – 0:45 1-1 Pink Coins
0:50 – 1:32 1-1 Purple Coins
1:38 – 3:05 1-1 Black Coins

3:08 – 4:15 1-2 Pink Coins
4:21 – 5:28 1-2 Purple Coins
5:32 – 7:05 1-2 Black Coins

7:09 – 7:45 1-3 Pink Coins
7:50 – 8:39 1-3 Purple Coins
8:42 – 9:45 1-3 Black Coins

With this video guide, you should be able to get all of the colored coins in every free level! Have a better method of getting a certain coin? Let us know in the comments below!


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