Super Hotel Tycoon Cheats: Tips & Guide to Expand Your Hotel Fast

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In today’s article we are going to share with you all of our Super Hotel Tycoon tips and cheats to help you expand your hotel business on multiple levels and make a lot of money for upgrades and new unlocks!

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In this game you will have to expand your hotel business quite a bit, and that means “building” (a.k.a. unlocking) new rooms, expanding your business & pleasure area and making all kinds of upgrades so that the customers will come in and leave a little fortune!

It all sounds like a dream? Well, it is not! There are a few things that you can do to expand quickly, so let me help you with that a little bit, because I think that for quick expansion, you will find these tips pretty useful!

So without further ado, here are all the Super Hotel Tycoon tips and tricks that we gathered so far, to help you upgrade and expand your quickly!

Unlock more empty rooms

If you might think that it would be better to take the rooms one by one and just max them out, then I will have to shatter that thought, because unfortunately that’s not how it works! Of course, you can do that too, but it will be a waste of time and too much money invested in the wrong place!

What you should do is start by unlocking, one by one, all of the rooms in the hotel! The empty rooms can be unlocked by tapping on the hotel, on the right side (where the rooms are) and then selecting the “Unlock” option.

Make sure that you first and foremost unlock all of the rooms before you do anything else, because that way you will have multiple sources of income. Once you did this, we can then move on to the next step!

Upgrade the rooms! Do it in the right order!

If you are confused about the “order” that I mentioned there, don’t worry – I will explain everything in due time!

So basically you should definitely take your time and upgrade the rooms, because that will bring a lot more profit than you think. By upgrading the rooms, with that investment that you make you will not only increase the revenue produced by that room, but also change its look and style (from Standard, to Economic, Comfortable Business and so on).

The higher a room’s upgrade level, the more it will cost to make further upgrades, but it will all be worth it eventually because the profit from that room will increase and the money you invested will soon be back in your pocket.

The most efficient way to upgrade the rooms, if you want them to have a huge impact on your money, is by first upgrading the lower floor rooms because they are not as expensive as the rest.

So basically all rooms of the same upgrade level (let’s say all Business rooms) will give you the same profit, even if upgrades can cost less! Therefore by upgrading first the cheapest rooms from the bottom floor, they will give you as much profit as the higher level rooms of the same level, but with less money invested!

This might seem a little confusing at start, but trust me, that’s how it is! Also, make sure that when you make room upgrades, you always upgrade with the “10x” option because that one will take you from one level milestone to the next!

Keep in mind: upgrade the lower level rooms first, then move up one by one, because they cost more the higher you go, but give the same money profit! Also, try to upgrade the rooms equally because in order to expand your hotel, you will need all of your rooms to meet certain standards.

Unlock and manage your Business Area

The business and pleasure area (how I like to call it) is on the left side of the hotel building, and that is another source of income for you. Basically the residents who stay at the hotel can relax or attend various events in the left side of the building, so that is also an area that you should not overlook.

Unlock new business departments here by tapping on the “Unlock” button, but keep in mind that there are only a few, and you will unlock 1 new one every time you expand your hotel.

Upgrade these Business Area rooms because they will also bring a ton of profit to your hotel. The upgrade cost of these rooms is usually pretty expensive, so don’t be surprised if you will have money to upgrade the rooms by quite a lot but only make 1 or 2 upgrades in the Business Area with the same amount of money!

I would suggest that you start by upgrading the Bathhouse, and then moving on to the next and and to the next and so on. Just don’t forget to make the upgrades!

My suggestion: I personally always prefer to upgrade these Business Area levels by checking how much profit they give when compared to my other rooms. All in all, I always upgrade the Business Area once I am done upgrading a few rooms, because that’s how I see it to work best.

Expand your hotel

You are going to need to expand your business by adding more rooms and a new level to the Business Area. You can do that by checking the requirements in the menu with a green star. There you will see that for example to add a new floor at my current stage I will need 20 Deluxe Rooms.

Basically the requirements to make various upgrades revolve around having all of the rooms for the current stage unlocked and upgraded to the next type. Once you met all the requirements go ahead and make the upgrades!

Check out the Achievements

The in game Achievements will reward you with quite a lot of Diamonds, which you can use to hire various hotel personnel to increase your production %. Check out all the requirements for the Achievements in game by tapping on the yellow prize cup icon in the top right side of the screen.

There you can see which ones are available and see the rewards that they will give you. Try to keep them in mind when making various upgrades because the rewards you get will be very useful!

Watch an ad to double your money and get Diamonds

In the left side of the screen you will see a “Boost” option which will let you watch ads in order to double your money income. Always try to have this active, because it is a big deal to have double income, since that makes upgrading and unlocking the features much easier.

Evert single day you can even benefit from an extra, which is 25 Diamonds! You can claim these daily by watching 3 ads, so make sure that you do it every day because it is worth it – both double income and Diamonds for 3 ads!

I would suggest that before you go offline, you always have watched enough ads to double the income for 6, because that is going to make quite a bit difference. Do this before you go to sleep or so, and once you are back up you can log in game, activate the double income again and go about your day!

Hire hotel personnel

There are a few types of people that you can “hire” to boost your hotel income, but they will all cost Diamonds. However, don’t be upset about it, because even if you are a f2p player and not a premium player, you will still make various upgrades!

The people you can hire for extra boosts are:

The Hotel Manager: increases all kinds of revenue from the hotel.

The Room Manager: increases revenue from room pay.

The Business Manager: increases revenue from the business area.

Offline Manager: increases offline revenue.

Serve Manager: increases revenue from room service.

In my opinion the upgrades you make should be first to the Hotel Manager, because that one increases every single profit. After that, you can start by leveling up the Business Manager, then the Offline Manager, then the other two.

Watch ads to claim free Diamonds and Cash

In the right side of the screen you will sometimes notice an option which will appear, stay there for a little while, then disappear again! This window will give you an offer to watch a short advertisements and receive either Diamonds or Cash for free.

If you want to make your upgrades much faster, make sure that you watch an ad and claim the rewards given here, because they will help make the whole upgrading process much, much faster!

If you happen to be offered 25 or so Diamonds by the offer, then by all means go ahead and accept it because it will be very much worth it, since Diamonds are a premium currency.

Are you stuck? Go offline!

If you can’t really make any more profits while staying in game, then it means that it might be time to call it a day for now and close the game. As odd as that sounds, you can make profits offline too!

So don’t worry about staying in game all day, because that’s why this is an idle game – you can go offline without worrying and still make profits, maybe even more than you would while being online!

Claim double offline rewards every time!

Referencing what we mentioned one paragraph earlier, this could be a very easy way for you to make a lot of money while not really playing the game! Every time that you close the game, it will keep producing profits for you!

But not only this, when you log back into the game you will have the option to watch an advertisement and double your offline earnings! So I suggest that you always do this, because then it might be worth it to keep the game running in the background quite often!

These would be all of our Super Hotel Tycoon tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies that you would like to share with us? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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Super Hotel Tycoon Cheats: Tips & Guide to Expand Your Hotel Fast

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