Super Cat Tales Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Super Cat Tales is finally here! Super Cat Tales is a bright and colorful platformer that takes inspiration from retro classics like Super Mario World. You play as the swift Alex the Cat. Explore a mysterious island full of vibrant environments and meet up with your cat siblings! Each cat has a different and unique ability, and you’ll need to utilize every cat to get through this adventure! We’re here to help with our Super Cat Tales cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Don’t worry about the bells!

A certain points in the adventure, you’ll need a certain amount of bells to proceed. There are bells hidden in each of the levels. Well, “hidden” is sometimes an exaggeration because some of them are lying around in plain sight. Others are tucked away; so much in fact that sometimes you won’t be able to get the bell without the aid of a new cat. You unlock cats as you progress through the adventure, so don’t worry if you can’t get all of the bells in a level during your first run though. You’ll probably have to come back later.

2. Look for the hidden levels!

Some levels will have multiple finish lines! Be sure to explore all of the levels fully to see if there are any hidden. If you find a finish line that is colored red instead of the usual black and white, that’s a hidden exit and it’ll take you to a secret level. The first one we’ve found is on World 3-4. Near the regular exit there is a water section with a current that you need to pass by with Shinji. The secret exit is in here. Explore everything so you don’t miss stuff!

3. Cats, cats, cats!

Here are some cats, where to find them and what they do:

  • In World 2-2 you’ll meet Brutus, the big cat. Brutus and break through white blocks using his dash!
  • In World 2-7 you’ll meet Shinji, the blue water cat! Shinji can swim through strong currents without a care in the world.
  • In World 3-Home, you’ll meet Kuro, the miner cat. Kuro’s mining helmet can let you see through dark areas.

This is who we’ve found so far. As we mentioned before, you’ll need to get further in your journey before you can get some of the hidden bells.

4. Hidden abilities!

Some of the cats have abilities that aren’t explicitly explained! For example, Shinji can skip along water surfaces by dashing into water. You can continue the water skipping by holding down the direction you’re moving in. Changing directions or braking will send you into the water. We haven’t found any other hidden abilities, but keep experimenting with the different cats to see what you can find out.

5. Keep an eye out for screen ends!

One common thing we’ve noticed the game likes to do is hide stuff behind seemingly dead ends. When you see the screen stop scrolling but there’s an open space, always make sure to explore it. Sometimes the screen when suddenly shift, exposing a hidden bell or something. These openings can be below and above you as well – for example on World 2-Home, Windy Harbor, there is a key and a bell hidden below the harbor. The screen won’t scroll to show you unless you go all the way down there yourself.

6. Grab the red coins!

It’s important to try to grab all of the coins in a level. Sometimes you’ll pick up a rare red coin instead, and if you find all of the red coins in a level you’ll earn a bell. Not all the levels have red coins, and they look exactly like regular coins. So just make it easier on yourself and grab every single coin you see.

That’s all for Super Cat Tales for now! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share with us, let us know in the comments below!

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Super Cat Tales Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


        • also 5-6 is fairly easy. If your struggling with the hit blocks get a ice bird and use it as you play though they are pricey. But anyways u need the mining cat so u can see in the dark and when u reach the part with the levers just dash across and hold your hand down as u dash. U don’t need to get all levers in the time fram just three in each row I HOPE THIS HELPS IM BAD AT EXPLAINING THINGS

  1. You guys kinda forgot that Alex has an ability related to walls and cliffs! When you check on the cat selection screen, you can see that under Alex there’s a wall and cliff! That’s the area where the abilities’ icons are placed!

    • And also, here’s a glitch to get Shinji, in case you are struggling. So, what you wanna do is go into the white thing underwater. That will glitch you to the top. Now just keep pressing the two sides of your screen until you hear the stage completed jingle. You will want to go to the next stage. You will have Shinji if you talked to him before.

  2. Finally finished the game including all the bells..unfortunately still missing the two last cats now I’m stuck on the Minnie game from 3-4 follow directions it doesn’t make sense

  3. Help for some reason level 3-home would not open i played all the previous levels but this level doesn’t have that white square either so i can’t play it…help mee


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