Super Boys - The Big Fight

Fans of the popular Nintendo series have always dreamed about being able to play one of the entries of the series on the go. Nintendo finally allowed them to do so on 3DS last year but those who play on smartphones will probably never be able to do so. However from today fans of the series will be able to experience something similar thanks to a brand new game.

The new game is called Super Boys – The Big Fight and it doesn’t play all that differently from Super Smash Bros games, as players will have to fight against their opponents in stages featuring platforming elements. The game’s character roster is also incredibly varied, featuring 52 different characters. The opponents players will have to fight and defeat are also quite varied so there’s plenty of fun to be had in Super Boys – The Big Fight. More difficult boss battles are also included as well as some multiplayer modes that expand the experience considerably.

Super Boys – The Big Fight is now available for download for free on the App Store. The game is available as a free to play game with IAPs, which are used to unlock content that can also be obtained by playing the game.


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