We know you football fans are gearing up for the Super Bowl LIII this weekend, but if you ever get a moment why not check out the new Fortnite goodies? Starting today, Fortnite players can get in on the Super Bowl weekend with new outfits and even a new game mode!

Just like last year, Fortnite is added sporty Patriots and Rams white outfits so you can represent your teams while you dominate the battlefield. Also, be sure to visit the item shop to grab the limited time Pigskin Toy for absolutely free!

Once you have your gear on, head on over to Pleasant Park to play the new mode “NFL Rumble”. NFL Rumble is a limited time mode is chaotic mode of 20 vs 20! You can probably guess the theme – it is Patriots versus Rams, just in time for the Super Bowl!

Additionally, this update served as a general purpose bug fix for the mobile version of the game. A variety of bugs have been fixed, including bugs that prevented you from building. You can see a full list of issues on the official Fortnite website.


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