Super Battle Tactics from DeNA should be a controlled substance. The title is so ruthlessly addicting and well designed, that if you are not careful, the game may suck up all of your time. The game is an extremely well built player-versus-player style online game. Gamers battle with a team of tanks against another team of tanks controlled by a different player. The turn based online multiplayer title is incredibly engaging, and can suck time away from gamers when they least expect it. This title has already killed many hours of my work today that was meant to be used for productive activities. I can’t even bring myself to delete the game after writing this handy guide of tricks and tips. Here are a few quick ways to furiously beat the other team and get ready to conquer in the next tier of Super Battle Tactics.

If your score in the game is lacking, or if your tanks and other move sets aren’t evolving fast enough, here are a few Super Battle Tactics cheats and tips that will help fans get the most out of their given roster of tanks.

1. Experiment with menu options

If you take a look at some of the various items and buttons you can select across the menu screen, chances are you may come up with a menu option that you did not anticipate before accurately. This could drastically alter your game in the sense that if you had no idea about the wonders that are the sponsor options, everything about what you are currently experiencing could be altered. Leveling up fast and experimenting with a variety of different ways to interact with your system can no doubt be extremely helpful to whatever you are experiencing in the current title.

2. Build out new tanks even if you don’t need them

By constantly building brand new tanks, you will soon be able to build the extremely awesome one that is hidden behind the current box you are choosing. Through not deciding to upgrade or being previous about your points, you could miss out on a very important opportunity that will color your current options useless. By being wise about whatever you are choosing, your gameplay experience will be vastly improved in a way that you may not even realize at first. The bottom line in this game is not to be precious, by being smart about whatever you currently decide to choose, this could be very helpful in whatever experience you are craving. This tip will also help you get closer and closer to success in the midst of heated battle.

3. Get everything ready to go before you upgrade your rank

If you upgrade your rank too furiously or too fast by getting lucky, it may be hard to make the most out of what tank you are currently using at the beginning. The game is about strategy, but it is also about what kind of tank you have based on the amount of time that you have spent putting in the experience. This is the only way that you can get the best tanks and opportunities that you can possibly have to offer. Make sure to have the right abilities and tanks set into place, and make sure by the end of your rank that the battles you are currently facing with others are very easy.

4. Only focus on a couple of tanks at a time

There is no reason to keep other tanks not currently being used around, especially when money is not instantly very easy to come by in this game at the beginning. Instead players are urged to not grow attached to anything. By upgrading a lot, you can lead to a game experience where everything is much more focused, and you know exactly what move that you are currently heading towards. Be smart about the game, and do not hoard tanks, especially when you can only keep a certain amount of levels invested toward anyone of your tanks. Keeping something specific around will not help you gain anything in the long term. Be smart about whatever it is that you currently have in your lineup.

5. Spend cash as you are receiving it

As you can tell from the aforementioned advice, rushing through the game is not going to be of any use in the long term. While you cannot sell tanks for the same amount of money you put into upgrading them, you are going to earn more money if you are constantly winning battles with your newly upgraded equipment. Try not being too conservative, you can really get the most out of the experience that you are currently invested in. You also need to be competitive when facing other players who are likely going to be just as smart as you. A great way to do this is too spend money as it comes naturally during the course of the game.

6. Use abilities and ability points wisely

Never be afraid to re-roll or spend the rest of your equipment post as you can get more and more new material. This is a very important way to get ahead of whatever opponent that you are currently facing. You can also choose to hold your points close in abilities like the bombardment tactics and other ways of content to level up in the long term. The bottom line is that using your various means of abilities can mean the difference between glorious victory and agonizing defeat.

7. Activate contracts

Contracts will help gamers get the next bit of diamonds and money that they currently require. This is a really useful tool to help players’ level or find rewards even quicker. There is an in-app purchase system implemented in this game, but staying smarter and using everything that you currently have to your fullest advantage, can still give players the edge they need in order to avoid spending any money.

By using everything to their fullest advantage possible, Super Battle Tactics can be one of the best free IOS games that is currently on the market.



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