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Summoners Era Tier List

Learn who the best heroes in Summoners Era with our Summoners Era tier liest.

Protecting the Kingdom of Light is no easy task, and you will need all the help that you can get to be the very best in Summoners Era, an idle RPG that features more than 150 different heroes.

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With 5 classes, 6 factions, and such a big number of heroes, recognizing the best characters for your team can be challenging, but don’t worry. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can use our Summoners Era tier list as a guide.

Summoners Era Tier List

In the table below, we give you all the current Summoners Era heroes in a tier list ranging from the strongest characters (SS) to those that you can discard pretty much as soon as you get them (D). As with all tier lists, this selection is based on our experience with the game—you may have different choices and favorites that we would love to hear about in the comments!

SSPasthera, Eitri, Zygor, Cernunos, Phalanx, Scathatch
SMist, Osse, Jeronim, Silene, Raina, Icarus, Arien, Finde, Moblin, Fragnil, Defronowe, Yin, Kitsune, Charon, Nero, Zyx, Kozorg, Wisecedar, Arryl, Lass, Airyuu, Tilion, Yang, Xavier, Grimm, Enule, Celestia, Fanar, Entia, Zalidus, Karos, Hehta, Renaks, Diadora, Morna, Maknok
ALashna, Japulan, Assassiren, Ungoliant, Khezzec, Kazetsu, En, Stheno, Gorzodin, Erde, Skaven, Sylph, Yome, Huwang, Aris, Seraphis, Alvar, Odreus, Ranantos, Khann, Vera, Juan
BAdrian, Oceanee, Aesa, Croconile, Glugrgly, Seahunter, Bran, Sharon, Ifrit, Yasin, Yirlal, Kar’doh, Dzu-teh, Minimanser, Kargoth, Death Jester, Elne, Thanatos, Neyuh, Arason, Lothiriel, Arawen, Hound Master, Wugushi, Celes, Hweston, Navro, Avornia, Fioneth, Dark Knight, Skishil, Murath, Dark Archer, Ghu’non
CTidus, Blackbeard, Aqua Knight, Aqua Mage, Zeres, Kadul, Ira, Kaboom, Earth Master, Dungan, Dr. Plague, Ozroth, Houzi, Athelas, Lith, Oakroot, Ismat, Vaina, Felina, Eltick, Death’s Servant, Sytak, Dark Priest, Drak
DWater Mage, Krag, Gurrgly, Eddie, Mrrgly, Golr, Cain, Imp, Rufus, Fire Spirit, Fang, Grig, Vlad, SKeleton Bowman, Gloz, Tess, Nature Mage, Ktul, Roo, Berko, Lucy, Teresa, Edmund, Light Mage, Berton, Gwarth, Uruk, Dark Dwarf, Dark Mage, Halda

Summoners Era Tier List—The Best Heroes

In the SS tier of our Summoners Era tier list, we chose one strongest hero from each faction, their overall stats, and how they performed in our experience.


Pasthera Summoners Era
Image via TouchTapPlay

Pasthera is a Water Mage with 5045 ATK at level 80 and a great amount of HP points at 61,753. She comes with handy active skills like Freeze, which deals 112%-152% ATK to all enemies and freezes targets for 3 rounds, and unlockable passive skill Ice Woman which increases Damage Reduction by 20%-30%.


Eitri Summoners Era
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On the other hand, Eitri is a Fire Warrior that will strengthen your team with 5315 ATK and a health bar of 87,209. Eitri is not to be messed with thanks to his Frontal Knockout that deals 150% of ATK damage to all front-line enemies and Berserker Rage that unlocks at 6 stars, a passive skill that increases Armor by 50% and HP by 30% when HP falls below 50%.


Zygor Summoners Era
Image via TouchTapPlay

Zygor represents the strongest from the Abyss faction, and this two-headed undead dragon is one of the best Rangers in the game with 6446 ATK and 72,673 HP. Zygor deals 83% of ATK damage to all enemies and can Petrify targets for 2 rounds (15% chance) with the Petrifying Breath skill, but the real star of the show is its once-per-match Earthy Revival passive skill that deals 30% of ATK damage to all enemies when it gets defeated and revives with 50% of maximum HP.


Cernunos Summoners Era
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Cernunos is another Warrior but from the Nature faction. He comes with 5315 ATK and a whopping 95,930 HP. He is particularly useful for his Essence of Nature passive skill that bumps up Armor and Damage Reduction by 20% when HP is higher than 50% or by 10% if HP falls below 50%. This effect is also resistant to dispelling, Blessing, or Curse Mark effect.


Phalanx Summoners Era
Image via TouchTapPlay

We have more Warriors for you, but this time from the Light faction. Phalanx dominates this category with 5861 ATK and 95,899 HP. Besides great stats, Phalanx will prove to be quite useful as he gets resurrected with 50% of maximum HP if defeated by an enemy marked by his Holy Mark skill.


Scathatch Summoners Era
Image via TouchTapPlay

If you need an Assassin on your team, look no further than Scathatch, who represents heroes of the Dark faction in our SS tier. Her stats include 7033 ATK and 59,945 HP, and she can be super effective against strong enemies with her Death Mark skill that deals 200%-280% of ATK damage to one enemy with the highest HP. This skill also marks the enemy with Taunt Mark for 2-4 rounds, which makes all allies focus on them until the mark expires.

That concludes our Summoners Era tier list! Let us know in the comments who your faves are and don’t forget to check out other Summoners Era articles on TouchTapPlay to get codes for free rewards, learn how to unlock all Summoners, and more!

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Summoners Era Tier List

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