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Summoners Era Guide: Tips & Cheats to Get All Heroes and Play Better

Summoners Era Guide: Tips & Cheats to Get All Heroes and Play Better

If you’re looking for some Summoners Era tips and tricks to help improve your game turn you into a pro, you’re in luck as that’s exactly what we’re going to share in today’s article – a complete guide to the game, perfect for beginners and more advanced players alike.

Summoners Era is a great idle game for mobile, one that gives you a real challenge early on and never hits the brakes afterwards. Lots of heroes to unlock, lots of areas to play in… a perfect game for fans of the genre and one we loved playing since its launch.

So let’s see how to get the most out of it by checking out the Summoners Era tips and cheats below!

Save Diamonds for 10 Premium Summons

Premium Summons are the best in the game because they give you the best chance of getting a 5-star character (with a “whooping” 3.99% chance to get one). Still better than the 0,04% chance to get one from Basic Summons…

The problem with Premium Summons is that they are expensive, but if you are patient a bit, you can get them at a discount: if you spend Gems to summon 10 at once, you save 200 Gems. Not a ton, but definitely useful – so make sure to only spend gems to summon 10 at a time and not fewer!

Tip for even better deals for Premium summons

But there is a nifty trick that you can use to get Premium Summons for as low as 125 diamonds a piece! You can get those from the black market – yes, there is a limit of one per day, but it’s the cheapest option available and you should take advantage of it daily!

You won’t receive a ton of top tier heroes this way, but it is better than nothing and you get that 125 diamond summon basically for free. So take advantage of this and build up your squad.

You can read our guide on how to unlock more summoners in the game here.

Friendship Summons are better than you think!

Strange or not, the Friendship Summons that you can activate using hearts that you receive from your in-game friends are actually more useful than the basic summons!

While nowhere near as good as the Premium ones, you are 20 times more likely to get a 5-star hero from a Friendship Summon than from a Basic one (0.8 vs 0.04). Minimal chances, for sure, but still worth going for!

How to build the best team in the game

The first and most important thing to look at when creating your team of heroes in Summoners Era is their rarity. The more stars a hero has, the better it will be: both in terms of stats (like health and attack), but also skills.

5-star heroes will have 3 skills unlocked, 4-star ones will have two, while three star heroes and below will have just one. Also, some heroes have 4 potential skills to unlock, while others will only have 3 or fewer.

Obviously, you will want to have a team of 5-star heroes and above, but getting there will take a while. But even early on, a mixture of your best 4-star heroes and any 5-star ones you have is what you should aim for.

Have in mind that while you can star up all the way to five stars any hero in the game, they will still be weaker in the end than native 5-star ones. In other words, it’s not really worth it, unless you need to star up heroes for upgrades or, at most, for creating a team based on a single element

When building your team in the game, take into consideration the fact that their position matters: frontline heroes should be the ones with most health (as they are attacked first, but also receive a 30% health boost), while the backline heroes should be your top damage dealers – they receive a 25% attack boost.

Know what each of your top heroes do and decide if they should be brought in. Most of the heroes in this game are pure garbage and completely useless (remember that there’s 132 of them and you can only use 5 in battles!) Don’t even waste time with anything under 4 stars!

But do look at their roles and skills – ideally, you will have one massive tank up front in the first position, to soak up the damage, followed by a support unit with buffs for your team.

Having a healer is also useful, although during some of my tests I ended up realizing that it’s best to have, instead of a healer, a more offensive-minded hero. This is because an offensive skill (that is good) will almost always deal more damage than a healer can heal.

You can check out our Summoners Era Tier List to see which are the best characters in the game at the moment and build your team around those.

What formation is the best?

There are four types of formations you can select in Summoners Era, each with its own Pros and Cons: you start with the 3-2 formation (three heroes at the back and two up front), but you can unlock 2-3, 4-1 and 1-4 formations.

I personally believe that the 3-2 formation, the one that you start with, is the best choice because focusing too much on a single area (like using a 4-1 formation to get the attack boost) could be risky if you’re facing a team of heroes focused on dealing damage to the entire backline.

So if you have your team divided almost equally, you reduce the potential negative effects of a fully specialized team. But it’s still early in our game and more testing needs to be done – until then, it’s worth saying that we had most success with 3-2 teams, while 4-1 seems very promising in specific situations.

Go for companion buffs

There are six different factions in the game, each with 22 heroes that you can collect. Focusing on creating a team from as few factions as possible can give you some nice boosts to help you a lot in battle.

For example, if all your heroes are from the same faction, they get a massive 25% attack boost, as well as 25% extra HP and armor. Having 4 heroes from the same faction reduces the bonus to 20%, while have 3 heroes from a faction and 2 from another gives you a 15% boost.

Make sure to check the faction boosts that you can get by tapping the button in the bottom left corner of the screen during a fight.

This is something that you will only be able to really care for later on in the game when you have a nice set of 4 and 5 star heroes to choose from… but do have this in mind and take advantage of it as soon as you have the chance.

Even easier is getting some companion buffs by having companion heroes in the squad. These only require matching a couple of heroes which are generally easy to get. These boosts add up and make your team much stronger, so don’t ignore them!

Only upgrade your top heroes

You can star up all heroes in the game if you want to, but honestly there is no point in doing that. Even most 4-star heroes will become useless in the later stages of the game, so your focus should be mainly on your top heroes.

Don’t invest too much in leveling up your 3 star heroes and below early on, because in 1-2 days after you start playing, you will no longer use those anymore.

I also suggest waiting 3 days before actually deciding what your top heroes are and focusing on leveling them up for early game domination. During the first 2-3 days, you will earn a lot of goodies and free hero summons and such so the rankings will change constantly.

But after the initial flurry, things will slow down a little bit and you won’t get new heroes that often. So take your best over level 20 and keep improving them, always starting with your absolute best hero – if something better pops up along the way, simply replace your weakest link.

How to get 5 star heroes in Summoners Era?

Getting the native 5-star heroes in the game is definitely a challenge and you’ll have to spend some time (or money, or both) to have a varied amount to choose from.

But to answer the question, you will have all sorts of ways to get rare heroes, the easiest being through summons using Premium Scrolls.

You will also get the chance to get more by simply completing the story (the main campaign), from various in-game events and instances, as well as from the various Stores.

Also, you can upgrade heroes to 6 stars. In order to do so, you will need a 5-star hero at maximum level (80 at the moment) and enough material heroes to do so. Getting heroes to 6 stars unlocks a new skill, in most cases at least, and allows you level the hero up even more.

Remember what I said earlier: you can star up all heroes in the game and have a 2-star hero reach 5 stars. But comparing their stats and skills with those of a native 5 star hero will show you that it’s not worth it. So only upgrade them as cannon fodder, for maxing out your existing heroes.

Complete all daily quests

This is a game where you’ll have to do a lot of grinding, which includes completing most of your daily quests each day. If you do so, you can earn 100 free Gems and a bunch of other cool rewards. So make it a havit to complete all these quests ASAP!

Apart from these, you also have the Quest Tree which are basically story-related quests that you can complete just once.

Make sure to check out the Quest Tree as well (tap the icon near the Daily Quests to see them) as they offer amazing rewards most of the time.

The Dragon Tower is Essential for your Success

As you level up more and more, you will unlock various new areas of the game, like the Dragon Tower, the Dungeon, Tavern and so on. All are extremely important, but the Dragon Tower is probably the most useful, especially early on.

So make sure to play it as soon as you unlock it and go as far as possible since you will earn the Ancient Potions from various levels there, which are must have items to level up your heroes (and there aren’t many ways of getting them fast).

Join and active Guild & add friends

Being social and sociable is extremely useful in Summoners Era and it can take you very, very far. So make sure to join a strong guild as soon as you have the chance to do so – you need a strong guild with active players in order to reap on the benefits.

Don’t hesitate to leave and search for a new one in case you’re not satisfied with your first pick or if if members of your current guild become inactive.

Adding as many friends as possible is also very important, as you will receive from them hearts which can be used to open chests – but also help them defeat bosses (or have them help you) in order to get even more hearts.

The game will automatically recommend some players to be added as friends – but in my case it only recommended inactive ones, so the best way to get some active players as friends is to simply post a message in the chat window asking to be added by others.

The Arena is flawed at the moment

I am very disappointed with the arena at the moment, as the matchmaking system there seems to be based on the number of points you have and not the power of your team.

In other words, since starting to play the game up to a few days (or more, depending how active you are), don’t expect to have many chances to win anything in the arena.

You will be matched with players that are twice as strong as you are and it won’t be possible to beat them.

But even so, it’s still worth fighting more and more: not only that eventually you will reach a point where you will be matched with players of a similar value, but no matter if you win or lose, you will still receive the same amount of rewards after each arena battle.

Update: This seems to have been fixed mostly. Early on when a new season begins, you will still be paired against very strong opponents, but things should even up eventually. Just keep fighting – the rewards from doing so are worth it.

What heroes should you sacrifice?

The game tells us not to sacrifice heroes mindlessly because even 1-star heroes can be used to star up your top heroes. This means that in theory, you can use those to star up a 5-star hero. But that takes a lot of time and even more resources.

But since you can hoard up to 1,000 heroes, I would say that it is best to stay away from sacrificing them for a while and wait to see what heroes you need for upgrading your top ones: they start disappearing quickly when you start starring them up!

Based on my experience, 1 and 2 star heroes are useless though and you will most likely never need them for upgrade purposes. They don’t give you a lot of resources when you sacrifice them either, but it’s better than nothing.

A trick I use is that I send the low star heroes to train for free: this way, when I sacrifice them, I get more resources and therefore a bigger advantage in the game. I recommend this as a solid strategy to follow.

How to get Ancient Potions in Summoners Era?

The Ancient Potions seem difficult to get early on and even though they are indeed not the easiest items that you can acquire in the game, you will find them for sale in the Black Market – available at low costs.

You can also get those as rewards from completing various floors in the Dragon Tower, but it’s a lot easier to stock up from the Black Market (and potentially other markets that might feature them every now and then)

Keep an eye on all markets

Speaking of markets… make it a habit to check them constantly – at least once per day. Various are available and they offer all sorts of goodies for different prices, including 5-star hero shards and other really useful items for your game.

This would be our Summoners Era guide and we hope you found it useful. If you have additional strategies to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to do so by commenting below.

(Update notice: This article was originally published in May and updated in August 2020)

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Summoners Era Guide: Tips & Cheats to Get All Heroes and Play Better


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