Suck it all up! Suck It Up is a simple and quirky game where you play as a U.S.O – unidentified sucking object – on a mission to collect all animals and plants for research. Enemies and traps are waiting for you so you’ll need to be a quick flyer to evade them all! Oh, and watch out for anything hot. Your USO has a tendency to overheat you see, and an explosion isn’t something we want happening. We’ll help you suck up the world with our Suck It Up cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Suck It Up is a fun and simple game that can get quite addicting. There’s lots to suck up so let’s get started with our Suck It Up tips and tricks guide!


1. Line them up for a combo!

If you can suck up a bunch of animals in quick succession, you’ll get a combo multiplier bonus! You’ll notice this sometimes as the levels will occasionally feature animals sleeping in a straight line. They’re practically encouraging you to go for these bonuses! To ensure your chances of getting them all in one fell swoop, try to angle yourself straight. You’ll need to be moving at maximum speed to make sure that none of them wake up and run out of your tractor beam. It also helps to upgrade the animals, as that will slow down their running speed and give them a smaller detection radius.

2. Watch out for fire!

Accidentally sucking up any kind of fire will increase the temperature of your ship. Your ship will start out blue, then go to yellow if it’s slightly overheating. If you suck up another fire or wait long enough, your ship will eventually turn red. At this point you have only a couple of seconds to find a source of water, otherwise your ship will overheat and explode! Quickly find a well or a lake and just hover over it for a little bit. Your ship will automatically suck up some water to cool itself off – once you’re normal blue again, you can continue on your merry way. Whatever you do, watch out for bombs! Sucking up just a single bomb is an immediate game over!

3. Level up your collection!

Each animal or item you suck up will be added to your collection. In the collection menu, you can spend coins to upgrade that specific animal or item. Upgrading will grant you passive bonus for the object in question, usually making your job easier. For example, like we mentioned, upgrading animals will make them move slower and have a harder time detecting you, making it much easier for you to suck them up. Upgrading an animal all the way will unlock a pilot version of the animal for you to use!

4. Go for the rainbow combo!

Every time you suck up something, the circle below you will fill up. Sucking up fire or any other bad objects will decrease it. Once it’s filled up all the way, you’ll enter a rainbow state. The circle will flash multiple colors! In this state you are immune to any bad objects like bombs or fire if you suck them up, but they will decrease the circle meter. When it’s completely depleted, you’ll revert back to normal mode. You move slightly faster and your sucking radius is increased a bit in this mode.

5. Be careful with your research!

You start out with two research slots, and to unlock a third one you’ll need 500 gems. As you can probably guess that’s a little absurd so that’s not happening anytime soon. You need to be careful though because if you’re currently researching two things and you end up finding another research object or egg or your next run, you will be forced to either spend gems to research it immediately on the spot or sell it off for gold; you won’t have an option to keep it. Considering some research objects take up to six hours to research, this is something you’ll want to keep in mind!

That’s all for Suck It Up! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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