One of the most highly anticipated RTS titles of the year – WizardLord – has finally hopped off its broomstick and onto the App Store and Google Play. The deck-building adventure’s global launch arrives after a brief soft-launch period in Canada, from which developer FriendTimes has gathered and implemented tons of helpful player feedback.

WizardLord’s story is one of mystery, power struggles, and terrifying creatures. Long ago, an elusive being – known simply as The Goddess – disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again.

Now, in an age of deadly wizarding duels, one of her relics is said to have reappeared. Naturally, every mage around has decided that they ought to be the only one to wield such power, and so they all head out in search of this potentially world-ending relic.

You’ll start out being little more than a mage apprentice, but before long you’ll find yourself rising through the ranks, eventually taking up the mantle of the ultimate WizardLord. Along the way, you’ll encounter and do battle with a host of nasty creatures, but remember that it’s all in aid of gradually mastering the art of the PvP wizard duel.

With it being a deck-builder, you can expect dozens of unique cards to collect and myriad potential strategies to formulate. Sticking with one deck typically isn’t a good idea.

New enemies require new tactics, and forgetting to optimise your deck accordingly could spell your untimely demise. So it’s a very good thing indeed that deck-building in WizardLord is kept accessible while still offering plenty of scope for innovative ideas and experimentation.

Wizard battles work in real time, tending also to be really quite intense. Advanced players will learn to summon powerful fantasy creatures while simultaneously pulling off rapid-fire spell combos in the heat of battle. So it’s safe to say that the initial effort you put in will pay off further down the line.

And we also have a surprise for you. We are happy to help you get 500 Coins and 200 Diamonds, to have a great start on the game. To collect the gift, simply click the “Redeem Pack” button in the “settings” and use the code: van6yqgzgz.

So, if you’re feeling confident in your spell-casting abilities, best head on over to the App Store or Google Play where WizardLord is now available for download. And to remain in the know, it’d be wise to check out the game’s official site and Facebook page.


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