Home Game Guides Strongest Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom – The Top Tier Cookies

Strongest Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom – The Top Tier Cookies

Strongest Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom – The Top Tier Cookies

Cookie Run: Kingdom has around 60 playable cookies. Depending on their powers, cookies are common, rare, epic, special, ancient, and legendary.

It’s easy to get confused amongst so many adorable cookies. It’ll take a few trials and errors to figure out what combination of cookies works the best for you.

Top Tier Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

There are a bunch of tier guides out there that divide all the cookies and put them into neat little classes. However, this guide focuses on only the best cookies from the topmost S tier.

Sea Fairy Cookie

Sea Fairy Cookie (Cookie Run Kingdom Fandom)

This legendary bomber cookie makes a powerful addition to the team with its stream of water that inflicts heavy damage. She also stuns five enemies nearby. After some time, a pool of water forms under the enemies and deals heavy damage.

Dark Choco Cookie

Dark Choco Cookie (Cookie Run Kingdom Fandom)

The Dark Choco Cookie is a preferred frontline choice for many, and not without reason. On its own, Dark Choco Cookie doesn’t really have impressive attack abilities. However, he can debuff the enemies by 20%. Top him up with walnut and he’s good to charge!

Sorbet Shark Cookie

Sorbet Shark Cookie (Cookie Run Fandom)

The Sorbet Shark Cookie will remind you of a sailor that speaks in bubbles. This cookie can slay the entire frontline of the enemy side and also deal damage to two enemies with the highest HP. Top him up with Searing Raspberry to make the most of his abilities!

Latte Cookie

Latte Cookie (Cookie Run Kingdom Fandom)

Latte Cookie is a magic cookie that pulls the enemies towards the vortex she forms. Her powers shut enemies up for a few moments and do some damage towards the end. The summoned Glyph remains at the center for a long time, dealing damage. Latte Cookie is slightly more offensive than the Licorice Cookie.

Pure Vanilla Cookie

Pure Vanilla Cookie (Cookie Run King Fandom)

Pure Vanilla Cookie is an ancient healer cookie that restores HP over time. The support cookie also raises a shield that absorbs damage. With some suitable toppings, the Pure Vanilla Cookie will be a great healer in your squad. You can replace the Vanilla Cookie with the Herb Cookie.

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Strongest Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom – The Top Tier Cookies


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