The Street Fighter series is one of the most recognizable gaming franchises ever created, a series that definitely needs no introduction. iOS gamers have been able to enjoy some modern Street Fighter action some time ago with Street Fighter IV Volt.

Despite the many fighting games released on iPhone and iPad, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that it can be hard to make these games work properly with touch controls. Capcom seems quite aware of these issues as well, since the next Street Fighter game launching on the App Store is going to be a card battle game. No more tearing your hair out if you can’t do a Shoryuken with touch controls.


Street Fighter: Battle Combination will feature five on five combat, allowing gamers to string together different attacks by using cards. The main focus of the game will be to create some effective combos by using the cards in the right order. The total damage will be calculated by a different number of factors, including the power of the cards. Each card wil also come with an associated power cost, meaning that you will not be able to spam powerful cards to defeat your opponents.

The game is going to include three different modes: a Stage Mode, a Versus Mode and a challenge stage called the Formidable Foe Battle Mode.

Street Fighter: Battle Combination is going to be released soon in Japan. Unfortunately there are still no news on a possible Western release. We’ll keep you updated once something new comes in on the matter.




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