How to Beat Shadaloo Labyrinth in Street Fighter: Duel


Street Fighter: Duel features mini worlds to explore, called Trial Grounds, which are a mix of challenging battles and environmental puzzles. Each Trial Ground has a unique puzzle mechanic that you need to solve in order to beat it.

In this guide, our focus is the Shadaloo Labyrinth, the seventh Trial Ground, which includes a tile pathfinding puzzle. Here is all you need to know on how to beat Shadaloo Labyrinth in Street Fighter: Duel.

Beating the Shadaloo Labyrinth in Street Fighter: Duel

The main puzzle gimmick to the Shadaloo Labyrinth in Street Fighter: Duel is the classic tile maze, where you must move over every single tile before you reach the end of the maze, and you can’t double back.

The first two mazes are pretty easy, and you should have no problem solving them yourself, as they’re meant to teach you how the puzzle mechanic works. When you get to the third maze, things get a little more challenging. The correct route is highlighted with a red line below.

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Once you get to the other side, there are a couple of chests waiting for you, alongside some enemies you have to face.

Beat the enemies and you will find an even bigger maze! Once again, just follow the red line to make it out with relative ease.

Like before, some treasure chests and more enemies will be waiting for you on the other end. Grab all the loot, then start beating up the enemies, as there are more than before.

Prepare yourself, as this is the final and hardest maze of them all. This one is pretty huge, so it took us a couple of tries to get through. The maze is so large that we couldn’t get it all in one screenshot, so here is a little grid for better clarity.

The starting position is marked with the START, and impassable rocks are marked with the red X. As always, follow the red line to reach the maze’s exit.

Congratulations, you’ve completed the Shadaloo Labyrinth in Street Fighter: Duel! If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below.

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How to Beat Shadaloo Labyrinth in Street Fighter: Duel


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