Streamer Sim Tycoon Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Become the Best Streamer

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You are out of a job, with nothing to do, living at your grandpa’s house, when suddenly he gives you the best suggestion ever: why not start streaming? Streamer Sim Tycoon is a simulation game where you aim to become one of the biggest streamers ever!

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In our Streamer Sim Tycoon tips and tricks guide, we will explain the various systems at work that determine how big your fanbase grows and how to get more followers at a efficient rate. Let’s get started with our Streamer Sim Tycoon cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to become the best streamer!

Learn the basic streaming loop!

When you are ready to go, hit the Stream button to start streaming. As soon as you start, your viewer count will begin to rise, and so will chat comments. Each chat comment must be dealt with in the corresponding way: good comments must be upvoted, while bad comments must be banned.

The game goes ahead and color codes things for your convenience – if a comment is green then upvote it, and ban for red colored comments. Every chat comment that is successfully dealt with increases your viewer count, which means more followers and money at the end of the stream.

That’s the basics of streaming, but there is one more thing you should look out for: every so often when you are doing well, a green icon will appear over you head – be sure to tap it and you will gain bonus money and viewers!

Choose your sponsors!

At the end of the day, you will earn bonus money that is determined by your viewer count plus your sponsors. As your grandpa explains, sponsors are passive cash boosts that will come to you based on your followers. Your grandpa is your first sponsor, and he will give you 50 cash at the end of your stream.

As you continue to stream, you will be approached by different sponsors, each with varying amounts of cash per day. You can have up to three sponsors at a time, so make sure you choose wisely.

When you are approached by a new sponsor, pay attention to the money per day and also the lock icon. If a sponsor has a lock, that means they have a contract and they MUST stay with you for that amount of days, meaning you cannot replace them even if you are approached by better sponsors.

Generally, it is better to have all of your slots filled out than to try to reserve an empty one for a really good sponsor, as you will be missing out on a lot of money in the long run.

Pick the right game to stream!

Just like in real life streaming, the trends change with the current release schedules, so you need to pay attention to what people are watching and your personal skill level in those games. Games that are trending will have a green arrow next to them while those that are dropping in popularity have a red arrow.

Always try to pick the trending games, as you will earn followers and viewers at a much faster rate, which means more money! As you stream the same game over and over again, your skill level in it will rise. You need to balance between streaming trending games and your own favorites to get the most out of streaming.

Be a well-rounded streamer!

You have six unique stats that affect your streaming career. Here is a quick rundown!

Your Cool and Unique stats affect how fast your viewer count rises. The cooler you are and the more unique you are, the more people will tune into your stream!

Your Skill and Quality stats affect how fast you gain new followers. People want to watch skilled gamers, so they will stick around to continue watching you. Skill also affects your gameplay point rewards too!

Your Marketing and Knowledge stats affect how often your existing followers join into your streams to boost your viewer count. Marketing also boosts how much your merchandise sells.

As you can see, all of the skills are very important to the success of your streaming career, so let’s focus on how to upgrade them.

Buy some upgrades!

Your Wardrobe is the first item in your room that you can upgrade. Upgrading it unlocks new customization options for your streamer, and it also improves your Cool and Unique skills.

Your Computer Display is the second item that affects your Cool and Quality skills. You cannot stream on a small monitor, otherwise your game will look squished!

Your Computer is the heart of your streaming career, and thus is affects your Quality and Knowledge. Everything starts here, so you cannot neglect your computer!

And finally, your living situation. While Grandpa’s house is nice and quaint, you will eventually need some more room. Upgrading your house is the most expensive option but it grants a massive boost to your Knowledge and Marketing skills.

In addition to big skill boosts, the house upgrade will unlock additional upgrades for you to buy. All of these upgrades

Start studying to become a better streamer!

You can also enroll in courses to teach yourself how to become a better streamer. Courses permanently boost your skills, but they take a certain number of days to complete. If a course is highlighted in green, you can complete it in a shorter number of days while a red one takes longer.

Be sure to pick the correct courses and work up your skills that you are lacking in to ensure that you become a well-rounded streamer. Try to have a course active at all time so that you are working towards one while you continue to stream.

Sell merchandise to grow your brand!

After a few days of streaming, you will unlock the ability to sell your own merchandise. You will start off with Fan Posters that sell for a measly 1 dollar each, but you can upgrade them. They work like Sponsors: you will gain the cash at the end of the day after a stream.

The rate at which your merchandise sells is affected by your follower count and Marketing skill, so make sure to improve those to get more sales. The second merchandise is unlocked at 15,000 followers, and the final one 100,000 followers.

Merchandise may not seem too advantageous, but the it is a slow investment. The returns are very slow early on, but the more you upgrade it the more cash you will get in the long run, so stick with it and it will pay for itself.

Master different game genres!

Each game you stream belongs to two genres. Whenever you stream that game, your mastery in that genre will go up, affecting your viewer attraction with other games. The more mastery you have in a genre, the more viewers you will attract, so it is important to try to increase your mastery with as many genres as possible.

You can check your current mastery by going into your stats and clicking on the bar graph icon. Once you have mastered a certain genre, you should start to work on the others so that you can get lots of viewers no matter what kind of game you play.

That’s all for Streamer Sim Tycoon! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Streamer Sim Tycoon Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Become the Best Streamer

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