Ever wondered what could have happened if Germany invaded the United States during World War II? Thanks to a new strategy game now availabe on the App Store for iPad, you can finally get an answer for your question.

Timelines: Assault on America is a real time strategy game featuring 12 missions and plenty of units, including tanks, trucks, infantry and more. All units are upgradeable so it’s possible to become even more powerful as the game goes on. Other battle options include the ability to use mines and anti-tank missiles, airstrikes and more. Positioning is also going to be quite important.

Timelines: Assault on America also sports a heavy focus on multiplayer. The game allows players to take part in four player skirmish and choose between nine different nations. The game also comes with cross-play features that allow players to play together with others using different versions of the game.

Timelines: Assault on America is now available on the App Store. The free trial of the game only includes part of the content of the full game. To play the game until the end, players will have to purchase an in-game IAP for $2.99.



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