Yet another unique strategy game is going to become available soon on the App Store. A game with a cute presentation that  includes a fun and relaxing gameplay experience.

In The Counting Kingdom, you will have to deal with maths in order to succeed. At the beginning of each stage you will be given a number to reach and the only way to reach it is by connecting tiles with monsters on it. These monsters come with numbers on it so it’s pretty easy to do the maths here.


To include a bit more variety in the game, the developers have included some special potions into the mix, quite literally. During some of the stages you will have to use one of these potions to reach the number needed to complete the game. Nothing too complicated, but enough to create some sort of variation into the gameplay experience.

Being a game aimed primarly at kids, it’s not really challenging. It’s more like a relaxing track that can be played on the go without getting too involved. The cute presentation manages to make the game quite charming.

The Counting Kingdom will be released on the App Store later this Spring. If you’re in the mood for some counting, you may want to check out a nice gameplay trailer right below. Get to counting, these monsters won’t be there forever and you have a number to reach.

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