Frozen Synapse

The strategy game Frozen Synapse, developed by Mode 7 Games, is now available for a reduced price on the App Store.

This nice title can now be purchased for only $2.99, which is definitely a better price than the full $9.99. That’s not to say that Frozen Synapse isn’t worth its full price, as the game developed by Mode 7 is a really interesting strategy game with plenty of unique features.

Frozen Synapse has received an update back in April. The update, simply called Red, adds a co-op mode that allows two gamers to take on the CPU together in all the main single player campaign. The update also includes a Riot Shield unit, new Upload multiplayer mode, 15 single player mode missions and more. Those without the update are also able to enjoy its multiplayer content if playing with another player who has bought it, a really nice move from the team.

Frozen Synapse is now available on the App Store for a reduced price. We don’t know for how long the deal will be available so make sure to take advantage of it as soon as possible if you’re looking for a challenging strategy game.



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