Stranded Sails Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Surviving Your First Days

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You and your father’s motley crew set sails with hopeful eyes of exploring a new continent and starting over with fresh, new lives. But when a violent storm turns the sea turbulent, the journey takes a sudden turn for the worse. Now stranded on an island, you and the crew must survive in Stranded Sails!

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Stranded Sails is an open world survival game where you must adapt to island life. In our Stranded Sails tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basic loop of everyday life on the island in order to ensure that you survive your first couple of days. Let’s get started with our Stranded Sails cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Use your map to warp back home!

Early on in the game you will find yourself constantly running out of energy rather quickly, especially if you are sprinting all over the island to get to where you need to be faster. Do not worry though, because after a few of the introductory quests Captain Charles will give you a map of the island network.

While the map is indeed useful for locating where you are, you can also use it to fast travel back to fixed points. The first point you can warp to is the campfire next to the wrecked ship, and that means you do not have to worry about energy.

When you get low on energy, simply warp back to the campfire, take a few steps down into the wrecked ship, and then take a nice nap for a full energy restore. If you find yourself far away from home without any food, just recall back here and sleep, as there is no cost to fast travel back.

How to discover new cooking recipes?

When you cook your crops that you grow, you can come up with some tasty recipes that will restore your energy. The basic recipes only restore a little bit of energy, so you will want to move up quickly considering you also have limited space in your backpack for food.

When you start getting more crops, go ahead and take a look at the cooking table. You will see question marks in the recipe list – these denote recipes that you have all the ingredients for, it is simply a manner of putting together the correct ingredients!

Starting out with the basic kitchen, you only have two spots to work with on the table. Start throwing in crops and press the discover button to see what will happen. Keep in mind that the whole discovery process does not actually consume your crops, so feel free to mess around as much as you like. Various icons will show up in the box, and these will clue you in on what you need to do next:

  • A green check mark means that this ingredient is in the correct place, so do not move it!
  • A red X means that this ingredient is not compatible with the other ingredients. Remove it!
  • Two yellow arrows in a cycle mean that the ingredient in question needs to be moved to the other spot.
  • Each recipe only uses ONE of an ingredient, never more!

Remember that these icons are only relevant to the undiscovered recipe you have currently selected. It changes based on each one, so make sure you have a new ? selected before you start moving things around!

The left and right slots can actually determine what you will cook up, so make sure you try each ingredient in each different spot. The more advanced recipes restore more energy, so it is worth your time to experiment! Here are some sample recipes:

  • Tomato-Onion Soup: L – Tomato, R – Onion
  • Roasted Corn and Onion: L – Onion, R – Corn
  • Corn-Filled Tomato: L – Tomato, R – Corn
  • Corn and Potato Mash: L – Potato, R – Corn

Later on, you will unlock more advance recipes that require more than two ingredients. Do not panic – just use your deduction skills to find out the right combinations!

The stew can help with energy and item upgrades!

Once you have built a few shacks for the rescued crew members, you will gain access to the cooking pot. Here, you can fill it with various ingredients and prepare a big batch of stew. The stew is good for a whole day, and it will make your crew happy.

You can eat some stew too! Doing so will grant you a special buff, indicated by the blue lightning bolt icon below your energy meter. With this buff, every action you take will expend a little less energy than usual. This buff is crucial when you are planning to be far away from the camp, so make sure to prepare the stew before you embark on a long journey!

When you are preparing a stew, you will need to add ingredients according to how much of the crew you have rescued. You may have noticed a pink meter around the center that fills up with every ingredient added, and this is the friendship meter. Every ingredient added fills the meter up, and when it is full your crew’s friendship will level up!

When your crew’s friendship goes up, they will often give you improved items. For example, at friendship 1 Fiola will give your her personal shovel, which uses less energy than the standard shovel does.

By chance you might have seen a heart appear next to one of the crew member’s icons when filling up the pot. This means that whatever ingredient you chose for them is their favorite, and it will grant you bonus friendship points! Fiola loves corn, Fritz loves fish, Sven likes onion, and so forth. Find them all to get maximum friendship points!

Take care of your crops!

Because you can use the bed in the shipwreck, energy really is not a problem during the beginning. However, once you rescue the whole crew and start venturing into the cursed islands, trips will become longer and longer requiring the use of food.

And that starts with your crops! Remember to take care of them at the beginning of each day. You can tell if a crop is dehydrated if you see the dirt kind of gray and dust clouds are coming off of it. Once you get the upgraded bucket, you can water multiple crops at a time.

When a crop is ready, parts of will shine like the items you can interact with on the overworld. If a crop shrivels up and turns into a dead plant upon harvest like onions and potatoes, that means it needs to be replanted. Dig it up with the shovel and replant the seeds.

Fight wisely to avoid excess energy drain!

About halfway through the game you will gain access to a sword that lets you fight hostile creatures and enemies. Fighting is very simple, as you only have a basic two-hit combo that can be repeated.

You can take down enemies pretty quickly (save for the endgame monsters) so go ahead and just slash them to bits. However, if you see an enemy wind up for an attack, it is best to pull away and dodge to the best of your ability.

You do not have a health bar of any sort, so whenever you take damage from an enemy you actually lose chunks of energy. Fighting recklessly can cause you to burn your entire energy bar in a single fight, so be careful and take caution.

Follow the objectives to unravel the mystery!

And with that, you have the basic gameplay loop of Stranded Sails. Rest, take care of your crops, make some stew, and head out to work on your next objective. The game is fairly straight forward so you should have no trouble knowing where to go next.

You may come across times where you need specific materials to build structures like buildings and bridges. Check back on previous islands when you have unlocked more powerful tools and components to see if you can reach a previous inaccessible area.

One example of this are the trees that give strong wood, which are hidden in an area south of the main island. You will need to build a bridge to get to the area.

That’s all for Stranded Sails! You should be able to survive on your own from this point forward. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Stranded Sails Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Surviving Your First Days

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