It’s true that most of the Stranded: Mars One success is based on your skills only, but maybe a few pointers and bits of advice will help you keep your astronaut alive for longer and get as far as possible and be ready to rule those multiplayer challenges that you throw at your friends. So we’ve prepared a few Stranded: Mars One cheats and tips that will hopefully help you get the upper hand in each mission and complete them all with three star ratings.

So let’s not wait for too long – the oxygen tanks get empty quickly – and let’s check out below Touch, Tap, Play’s Stranded: Mars One tips and cheats!

1. It’s all about going Nuts!
No, not crazy, but make sure that you collect as many Nuts as possible during your runs. You need those to upgrade your costume and buy new suits, so it might not hurt to replay a few of the early stages over and over again to bank up the nuts and start the later, more difficult stages with an advantage. Nuts are better than speed as long as you can complete the level!

2. Use the environment as a guide to what you have to do and where to go next: this is especially useful when jumps are involved, as you will be guided by the Nuts or Oxygen tanks to make the perfect choice.

3. Always pay attention to the routes that you have in the game, as there is more than one available route and some are easier than others. Try each route at least once and you will see which is the fastest and easiest to give you the three star rating. Don’t be afraid to pause the game and hit that restart mission button if you didn’t get a single jump right because sometimes – especially when you want nothing than to 3-star a stage, this will be the difference between a win and a loss.

4. Buy upgrades as soon as possible!
There are three types of upgrades that you can purchase and I recommend you buy them in the following order: Oxygen first, Jump second and Life third. The first two are extremely important to help you have a great run in the game, while the lives are, strangely, not as important. They get really expensive as you play on, so make sure you keep playing the older and easier stages to get a bunch of them in your virtual coffers.

5. Play against your Ghost
This is great especially when you’re trying to beat your record or you have some really precise jumps to make: your ghost will show you both what you did wrong and what you did extremely well, so take it as a guide and learn from your previous mistakes.

6. Master the wall jumping
For the levels where you’ll have to do a lot of wall jumping, mastering the technique is vital to getting the three stars. In high fall areas, don’t be afraid to simply let your astronaut fall the distance and control it with the jetpack. Always keep your eyes open and make sure you get all the oxygen tanks – you can usually go back to them if you miss them by performing a couple wall jumps and it’s usually advisable to do so.

These would be for now our Stranded: Mars One tips and tricks to help you get better at the game. Do you have other suggestions? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. Cheers for sharing this cool list, Luciano! It’s a great help for newbie players who’re still a little lost on Mars… btw, if anyone’s interested in giving Stranded – MarsONE a try, they can download it for free from the App Store via .


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