Straight Up is a great, addictive and extremely fast paced game for the iPhone and iPad that’s been the one that we’re fighting with in every short break that we have here at Touch, Tap, Play (and the reason why the number of short breaks is on the rise!). Incredibly simple in concept and done before a million times, Straight Up manages to charm the audience with its great visuals and amazing gameplay, while also challenging you to ask for more and more. And we’re here to help get the most out of it with some Straight Up cheats and tips to get a better high score and unlock all characters.

So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out some Straight Up tips and cheats!

1. Find the route as soon as you start the game
When you start playing, you can wait for an unlimited amount of time. Find your route before tapping first and get to the top as soon as possible. Then wait a bit in order to see what the game throws as you in order to keep on choosing the correct route.

2. Breaks = game over
The real challenge of the game comes from the fact that you have to keep on going up. You are not allowed to fall down or get back, so you always need to jump on the boards that help you go Straight Up and nothing else. This, of course, is difficult and this is what makes the game so fun!

3. Take your time
Try to reach the top as fast as possible, then pause for a moment to see what is the route you have to take. Keep on doing this – there really is no other way. Try to look only at the top of the screen in order to see what’s coming, and play with both hands, ideally the thumbs: the left one to tap left, and the right one to tap right.

4. Don’t follow the Diamonds!
We all want the Diamonds in order to unlock more and more characters, but sometimes (or, better said, usually) the Diamonds lead to a dead end. Focus only on the boards and keep going, you will still collect some while doing so. It’s better to keep going and get to the better valued diamonds than to end the game prematurely.

5. Keep on playing!
Practice makes perfect and Straight up is the perfect game to prove you that. My first try was of just a few points. The next one was better. Pretty soon, I was averaging 25 and after a few more tries I managed to get to level 100. So the more you play, the better you get at this. Oh, snap!

These would be, for now, our Straight Up tips and tricks. If you have anything else to add in order to help fellow players, let us know in the comment section of the game!


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