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Stormfall: Saga of Survival Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Stormfall: Saga of Survival Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

After being wrongly accused, you are exiled from your kingdom and left to fend for yourself in the wilderness. Stormfall: Saga of Survival is a survival MMORPG set in the high-fantasy universe of Stormfall. With corrupted monsters, wild beasts, and ruthless bandits about, you must construct shelter and scavenge for supplies to have any chance of survival. Our Stormfall: Saga of Survival survival guide will get you started on the right path.

Stormflal: Saga of Survival is a rather engaging game, so don’t be surprised when you get totally absorbed into it. But enough about that, let’s get started with our Stormfall: Saga of Survival cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Clear out your plot!

When you first start the game, the area you are in is your “home” plot. This is where your base is located on the world map, so the first thing you should is clean it up! You will need a bunch of raw materials anyways, so start collecting all the logs and stones and rushes.

Remember that at any point, as long as the area you are in is cleared of hostile enemies, you can enable auto-mode by using the button at the bottom left corner. Your character will then continue to harvest and collect all possible materials in the area. Helpful for when you are multitasking!

Craft the essentials!

Early on, you won’t have many options when it comes to crafting. That’s okay though – just stick with your trusty Axe and Pickaxe tools so that you can harvest basic materials.

Once you get some logs, rushes, and stones, take down a couple of boars for some leather. You can use that to craft a leather bag, which grants you a MUCH need inventory space. After that though, you are free to craft whatever you wish!

Build the Tilled Field!

One of the early crafting recipes is the Tilled Field. You can plant stuff here, like seeds and other goodies. However, the very first thing you should plant in it are rushes. Rushes, while they don’t seem too rare, are used in a LOT of the beginning recipes, so you are going to find yourself short at some point.

Planting one rush will result in two rushes after about half an hour, so the net gain is always one rush. This doesn’t seem like a much but you should do it anyways as you are out and about – you never know when you will need a backup supply of rushes.

Sneak attack!

Crouching (using the button in the bottom right corner) will slow your movement speed but decrease the rate at which you are detected.

While sneaking, approaching enemies from behind and attacking them will provide a sneak attack bonus, making you deal double damage! This can often win fights for you, so make sure to ambush enemies when you can.

Complete the Daily Quests!

Every day, you are given three sets of Daily Quests. In each set there are five quests for you to complete – they will ask you to do things like collect a certain material, defeat specific enemies, or craft an item. You should complete as many of these as you can, as they reward you with random goodies upon completion.

Not only that, but completing all five quests in a set rewards you with a greater chest that has a chance to give you gear. Completing all 15 quests before the day is over rewards you with a golden chest with weapons and armor in it!

Pick your location wisely and watch the difficulty!

When out on the world map, you can usually tell what kind of resources you will find just by the name of the area alone. If you’re unsure, tapping on it will show you an info pane of what you are most likely to find.

Just beware of the difficulty level – the more skulls there are, the deadlier the enemies. Be prepared if you are going into a high difficultly area like a Bandit Camp or the Cursed Forest!

Be a smart survivalist!

As long as you keep completing quests, crafting new recipes, and picking up materials, you should progress through Stormfall quite smoothly. We will leave you with a few closing tips!

The wilderness is a cruel place, and you do not want to be caught with your pants down – literally! Always make sure that you are wearing a full set of armor for the best protection, and double check the durability. You don’t want your armor falling off in the middle of a fight!

This goes double for your weapons. Their durability is indicated by the red gauge around its icon on the action bar. Unarmed attacks do very little damage provided they even hit – you will miss most of the time. As you can guess, fighting unarmed is a bad idea. Run if you need to!

And always, carry some snacks for the road. Craft a Waterskin as soon as you’re able to for a portable water source, and bring some Berry Tea as it will not only recover your thirst but fill up your stomach as well.

With that, your journey into the Eastern Marches shouldn’t be too bad. Let us know in the comments below if you have any other tips or tricks to share!

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Stormfall: Saga of Survival Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. Is their anactual guide to tell us where we will find specific items? How about what items are in which areas? What enimies can i exspect from different difficulties? Are their bears in 2 skull woods? Are their bandits in the bandit camp? Is their a map for the entire game?

    • Map? It depends on the server you choose initially. Bandits? Yeah, kinda. Mostly goblins in the lower-end camps. And there is no real guide because it is non-linear. The best advice I can give is pretty sound: make a separate area for 25 boxes and get to know your neighbors. The boxes in another stuctire away from the main part of your base will enable you to avoid clutter, force other payers to make a split choice in what to hit and help you stow anything you don’t need… YET.

      NEXT, go and get rushes and wood. Never ceases have at least 7 stacks of rushes and wood. Then get two tilled fields and perpetually grow full stacks of rushes so you will have a supply. Rushes are essential in cooking smoked meat in a smokehouse which each piece eaten restores 25 health (1/4 your guage) incrementally.

      Next, make darn sure you do not discard or ignore iron nodes, clay nodes or anything metal. Always haul it back with you and make room for it because much later on all that stockpiling is gonna go up in smoke super fast. I hit level 27 and half my supply is gone in a little time. Also, always keep a stack of raw resource or two because many things will still need that stuff even at high levels.

      Remember that you CAN go up to 3 skull areas even without armor successfully, but the difference between depending more on armor or food will be quickly made obvious in any fight you have there, especially comcerning those frickin’ mutts.

      Save floorspace by investigating which things can be placed outside on grass.

      Always have a backup weapon no matter what, and always have a spare weapon at base that you can use if you need to go get your last death bag. #torches are the shiznit early on. Oh, and use slings on Frogs and Golems.

      Be sure to get a clan for surrounding players when you can.

      Oh, and don’t attack me.

  2. When the game starts it tells you where to go on the map, and there’s a lot of loot chests to get, i forgot what its called, i found alt of good stuff, and how do i repair armor, and weapon’s it says use my hammer???

  3. HELP… I’m at level 86, and I never could find all parts to complete the peddler’s wagon or to obtain a wyvern. I’ve built the peddler’s wagon and the wyvern cage, but I’m still missing parts! Where should I look?

  4. you know about the 200hp golems? How come sometimes when i shoot at it with my crossbow my arrow bounces off and does 0 damage? Does anyone know if it’s intentional or a bug?

  5. For anyone looking for sinew, i would recommend just logging in every half hour and watching the ad that the smuggler gives you stuff for. It’s like a 10% chance for one of the rewards to be 10x sinew. You also sometimes get 5x sinew from the daily quests chest. Hope this helps someone


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