Storage Auction Legends Cheats & Tips for Successful Auctions


I am a huge fan of the Storage Wars show and you can imagine how happy I was when I found out about the launch of Storage Auction Legends on iOS, a game that gives us the chance to bid against others for the unknown that it a closed storage space. And although the randomness of this game is not something that makes it an amazing product, it still is fun to play and I have decided to come here and share with you a bunch of Storage Auction Legends cheats and tips to help you get the most bang for your buck and complete all levels on a profit.

So if you can’t make ends meet in the game, read on for some Storage Auction Legends tips and cheats and hopefully your luck will change!

1. Bid according to your car’s space
There’s no point in purchasing three storages if you don’t have enough room in your car. So buy a storage unit based on the space that you have in your car: more products might mean more money, but if you can’t put them all in your car and actually get the money, they make little sense. From my personal experience, I found out that one storage is enough to fill the 20 spots of your car (in the free version).

2. Don’t bid too fast
Unlike real life and unlike you, your opponents don’t have funds to care about, so you can’t raise the price of a storage unit in the hopes that you will get the next one cheaper. The only strategy that works so far in Storage Auction Legends is to wait for the three to bid until they slow down, then wait for the counter to reach two and only then place your bid. Doing this also slows down the rate at which the auction’s price increases, from 100 to 50, so in the end it’s you who wins.

3. Prepare for the randomness
Boxes marked with “Fragile” might hold a basketball, while a plastic trash can might have a really expensive medical kit inside. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of randomness in the game and the only way for you to get past this is to open as many crates and bag what’s inside. Some money is better than none, and since you don’t really have any control over things, just go with your gut feeling.

4. Learn the prices
Although you won’t see many items since they are packed, it’s worth knowing the price of those you can see. They are the only sure things that you get from your storage units and they can help you establish the price you’re willing to pay for your unit. Don’t base your action entirely on this, but use it as a nice guideline.

5. Upgrade to the full version
Getting the full version of the game gives you a bunch of advantages, the greatest of them all being the increased car space. you also get extra boosts, which are pretty useful, but the car space alone is worth the investment if you like the game.

6. The extra energy cheat
If you don’t want to wait for the energy to replenish or the waiting times on the levels to pass, you can cheat the game a bit by going to your device’s settings and moving the timer forward by 60 minutes. Now you have a new batch of energy to put to good use and all levels ready for a replay!

These are for now our Storage Auction Legends cheats and tips. If you have other tips and tricks for fellow players, let us know by commenting below.

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Storage Auction Legends Cheats & Tips for Successful Auctions


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