Stony Road is the latest one-touch-simple-yet-challenging game from Ketchapp, the creators of 2048! Whew, that was quite the mouthful! In Stony Road, the objective is to roll a ball as far as you can. You’ll have to jump and maneuver through perilous roads that are generated on the fly, so you need to be prepared for anything. We have a few tips and tricks to share with you in our Stony Road tips and tricks guide!

When it comes down to it, Stony Road is all about your timing. It’s mostly about practice and getting used to the ball’s gravity, so let’s get started with our Stony Road cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!


1. Ignore the gems!

If you’re shooting for a new high score, it’s best to completely ignore the gems you see on the levels. Most of the time they’ll be positioned in pretty risky places, and attempting to grab them always results in a do-or-die situation. If you don’t nail the jump just right, you’re probably going to fall to your doom. Sometimes you’ll find some of them just right on the normal path, and those are okay to get. Additionally, sometimes you’ll be randomly awarded presents with gems after a run anyways, and those have a chance to hold a ton of gems.

2. Watch your timing!

When it comes down to it, this game is all about your own timing skills. If you’re coming up to a big gap, you have to wait until the very edge of the platform to jump. Jump too early, and you’ll fall a little short of the gap. The same goes for the really tall platforms – you need to double jump at the apex of your first jump. Any sooner and you won’t clear it! You can also take advantage of a neat trick…

3. Try out the falling jump!

If you let your ball roll off a ledge, you can still use both of your jumps! This is a neat trick we like to call the “falling jump”. If you’re having trouble clearing those wide gaps, letting your ball roll forward a bit off the edge could give you enough extra space. Practice using this technique, because it’ll make clearing certain jumps much more easier!

4. Don’t spam your double jump!

Using your double jump just to be safe is usually a good idea, but be careful about using it for every jump. Some patterns are designed to get you to accidentally jump into an overhead platform, so be sure to look both ways before using your double jump.

That’s all for Stony Road. If you’ve got any other jumping tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



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