The Stickmen are taking a break from the wild skate and cross golf battles in favor of some lighthearted disc golf! Stickman Disc Golf Battle is an online multiplayer game where you take to the greens armed with frizbees! Challenge players from all around the world to see who’s the better disc golfer! Our Stickman Disc Golf Battle cheats and tips will give you the upper hand!

It’s all in the wrist, or so they say. But for us, the secrets are in our guide, so let’s get started with our Stickman Disc Golf Battle cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Always pay attention to the wind!

Remember to keep an eye on the wind gauge at the top of the screen. This will tell you which direction the wind is blowing in and how strong it is. Any speeds lower than 2 are usually negliable and won’t affect your disc’s trajectory too much, but anything higher than that must be accounted for.

Try to make it a habit of checking the wind every turn. It’s easy to forget about it if you ignore it too many times, and then suddenly you’ll be wondering why your perfectly lined up shot is now careening wildly to the right!

Try out the different Golfers!

After you’ve ranked up and collected some coins, you can purchase additional golfers. Each golfer has a unique (and usually silly) look to them, but they also have different stats. Golfers have two stats: power and aiming bar.

Power is the general measure of how far the golfer can throw their discs. As you can probably guess, the higher this is the farther your shots will go. If you like covering huge distances, power golfers are for you!

Aiming Bar determines how fast the aiming bar moves during the aiming phase. If you’re having trouble nailing down perfect throws, then try using a golfer with high aiming bar to make it easier for you. The aiming bar controls the direction of your shot, so it’s a very important part of throwing.

Break out the Special Discs!

If you’re neck and neck with your opponent or if you just want to get an early advantage, try using a special disc. Special discs are consumable one-time use discs that have special properties on them.

For example, the Ranger can be thrown extremely far, while the Wind Breaker completely nullifies current wind effects. Special discs can net you a sneaky, unexpected victory so be sure to use them in when you really need that boost!

Special discs are given to you upon ranking up, but they can also be bought with cash, the premium currency of the game. This makes them somewhat rare, so be careful about when you use them.

Watch out for environmental objects!

Don’t forget about the number 1 stopper of flying frisbees – trees! As you throw your frisbee through the courses, you’ll need to avoid trees, boulders, benches, buildings, powerlines, and more. Any of these things can be avoided by just throwing around, but just be careful about your opponent catching up to you.

When you’re tempted to try to make a tricky shot or something fancy, it’s almost always a better idea to just take the safer route and go around the obstacle in question.

That’s all for Stickman Disc Golf Battle. If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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