Stick Surfer aka Stickman Surfer is a brand new game from the makers of Stickman Skater and Stickman BMX. And it’s just as amazing and addictive as the previous two. This time, you can control a surfer stickman to greater glory, but you can also play various other minigames to progress. And in order to make everything a lot easier for you, we have some Stick Surfer cheats and tips (or Sticjman Surfer cheats & tips if you prefer the full name of the game).

From getting more coins, to leveling up fast and getting everything from the game – we have them all here! So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out below some Stick Surfer tips and tricks!

1. Focus on completing the missions
…but never skip them! Completing missions is what helps you level up. Leveling up unlocks new cool stuff for your stickman. Yes, missions are extremely difficult as you progress through the game, but they are doable. There’s no point to use valuable Premium Currency in order to skip those goals. Keep your Premium Currency intact for those moments when you really have missions that you can’t pass!

2. Watch out for the shark!
The shark is really bad as it comes from the opposite part of the screen compared to other obstacles and he shows no mercy. He’s pretty difficult to spot and you can only avoid it by jumping out of the water. However, there is an indicator that it’s coming: a countdown timer appears to the left of the screen. When that happens, it’s a good idea to try to let your Stickman Surfer go towards the bottom of the screen, then quickly go up and out of the water when the shark comes. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to avoid the shark easily.

3. Get all the crates!
pt ca special items that you ride give you an extra life, basically, as you revert back to your regular board if you hit an obstacle (or the shark eats you) when riding a special item from the wooden boxes!

4. Tips for the minigames
Apart from the main game, there are a few minigames you can play to vary things up and get more coins. Here are some tips for each of the minigames:

– Driving minigame: you can upgrade your vehicle with coins, and that is one of the main things I’d spend coins on at first. Upgrade the fuel tank to be able to drive longer and then the engine to get past the more difficult areas. That is the main way of getting quick extra coins if you’re not too good with the skateboard.

– Skateboard: This can prove to be a real treasure if you manage to master it. When your skater jumps in the air, simply tap and hold in order for it to turn in the air. The more rotations you make, the higher it will jump next time, collecting more coins and giving you the chance to rotate even more for even more coins. If you manage to do this right, you can get a ton of coins here!

– Skiing game: This is fun, but rewards you with very small amounts of coins. It’s also pretty difficult compared to the others, so it should be on your list only if you have time to spend playing this. You can also play multiple games, not just one – but make sure you have time for all, otherwise you will have to wait for the timer.

5. Watch ads to get more goodies
Whenever you see a box dropped by the chopper on the main menu, make sure to tap it and watch the ad as there will be some goodies inside!

6. The time lapse cheat
You can try to see if the time lapse cheat works for resetting the game timers and the gift timer. Simply go to your device’s settings, set the time forward by 5 hours or as much as it’s needed to open the new chest / unlock new game plays, then get back to the game and enjoy your free rides.

Skill is one of the most important things that matters when playing Stick Surfer, and you can get better by playing more and practicing. You will soon see that you can get further and further just from practicing and improving your game. If you have other tips and tricks, let us know by sharing a comment below!


      • I thought it meant that but it seems it doesn’t as I pass through several of these without them counting as ‘gates’ for a mission. Oddly, gates seem to be moving between the red triangles that one of the wave parks features. You’ll notice you get coins or points for passing between these.

  1. How do I get to wavepark?
    I couldn’t figure it out
    Sam I just not getting far enough?
    I accidentally used cash to buy my way through wavepark
    Now I need to visit shipwreck but can’t figure it out.
    Thanks for any input.


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