The galaxy awaits in Stellar Hunter, a space themed roguelike RPG. Step into the shoes of a formidable Ranger and blaze your own trail across the galaxy, building up a ragtag team of misfits that are ready to turn up a fortune! Stellar Hunter is more complex than your usual mobile RPG, but have no fear as we’re here with our Stellar Hunter tips, cheats, and strategies guide to help you along the way!

Exploring Planets Efficiently

Exploring planets take some work, and you’ll need to keep an eye on your AP. On most planets you can explore freely without expending AP, but some are considered challenge areas where you’ll lose AP every time you take a step, so make sure not to dilly-dally.

Minerals and some event locations will respawn in random places whenever you come back to the planet, but fixed events will always be in the same place. If your backpack is full of junk, or you’re low on AP, don’t hesitate to backtrack to the evacuation point. You can always come back once you’ve unloaded your haul.

Keep an eye out for purple people icons – these are artisans. There’s about one on each planet, though there may be more. They will craft you one-time valuable items in exchange for materials. They can make helpful items like backpack expansions! Before you move on from a planet, make sure you get all the stuff you want from the artisan.

Be stingy with your AP when you’re exploring a new area, especially if it’s a challenge area. You don’t know what you’re going to need your AP on, but also be sure to explore and interact with stuff. Usually there’s at least one event in each area that restores AP, so find that quickly.

Speaking of intractable objects, you will sometimes come across events that require a specific class crewmate. For example, you can find broken vending machines on El that require an Engineer to fix – trying to use them without one will net you simple water when you could’ve gotten a better drink that restores AP. Try to bring a diverse team when you’re exploring to find helpful goodies.

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Combat Tips

There are four types of damage in Stellar Hunter: kinetic damage, heat damage, electro damage, and mental damage. Enemies will have varying resistances, but they will almost always have very low resistance to at least one type of damage.

Knowing what enemies are weak to is the key to victory. Before a battle starts, you can tap on enemy portraits to see their resistances and skills. Having this intel beforehand is helpful, for reasons we’ll explain below.

Each crewmate has their own unique skills, and you can tap on them to see exactly what they do. In addition to their skills, each crewmate can also perform universal actions: swap positions with another crewmate, defend, or analyze an opponent to reveal their resistances.

Analyzing costs a turn, so try to check your opponents’ resistances before the actual battle starts. Swapping positions with your crew allows better strategic positioning depending on the situation. Say there’s a high priority target hiding in the back row of the enemy lineup, and your main attacker has a low-range weapon. Your best bet would be to move up your attacker to get within range.

In short, adapt to the combat situation and utilize your crewmate’s skills to weaken enemies and hit them with damage types they’re the least resistant to.

Complete Recon Missions

Every planet has a list of recon missions that help you keep track of what’s happened on there. You can access the list from orbit and even when you’re on the surface.

Completing the story mission on a planet unlocks the next destination, so most of the recon missions are actually optional. Completing one grants you 4 recon progress, which fills up the meter at the top. Every 10 or so recon progress earns you a box full of goodies.

Try to complete as many of the recon missions before you move onto the next area. You can get legendary armory parts from the recon crates, which allows you to craft a random legendary armor piece once you have 100 of them.

Understanding Gear

Gear is important to boosting your crew’s attributes, so outfitting them with the best gear possible is required before you head down to a planet’s surface. Unlike other games of this nature, Stellar Hunter‘s gear system is a little more complex and free-form than it initially seems.

All gear in Stellar Hunter goes by the typical rarity color scheme: common, rare, epic, and finally legendary. Generally speaking, higher rarity gear has better stats, but before you hit that quick equip button, let me explain!

Some higher rarity armor comes in sets, and when a crewmate wears multiple pieces from the same set, they’ll activate set bonuses. These bonuses are quite strong, so it’s worth the time to look through your individual armor pieces.

For example, you’ll get the Apostle set early on as a reward for completing certain missions. This is an epic rarity set, and by this point you’ll probably also receive a free legendary armor piece. However, before you slap that legendary on, the Apostle set has bonuses towards your crit rate, hit rate, and grants splash damage on your single target attacks.

This is just one example of certain lower rarity armors being better than higher stuff. This concept also rings true for weapons as well – different weapon types deal different types of damage, and they also target enemies differently. Building your crew around having balanced attack types is key, so no one weapon is the best for every situation.

Upgrading Gear

Gear can be upgraded with alloys to increase their attributes. You should spend your alloys upgraded your favorite weapons as soon as you get them to improve your combat performance.

Once you’re done with a piece of gear, dismantle it, and you’ll get all the upgrade materials used on it back. Because of this lenient upgrade system, there’s no reason to save your alloys for a better gear. Upgrade away!

The same goes for modules, the mods that you can embed into gear. You can embed them into gear to add small boosts. You’ll gain quite a number of modules from rewards, so you’ll most likely end up with duplicates. It is possible to combine a module with five other modules to improve its effectiveness.

Visit the Workshop Between Adventures

All that seemingly useless junk you’ve been collecting throughout your planet adventures can be recycled in the workshop. Recycling junk turns it into crafting materials, so make sure to recycle your stuff in the workshop between adventures.

You can use the recycled materials to craft upgrade materials, new gear, and helpful items. If you’ll check out the Items tab in the workshop, there are three AP Boosters you can craft. You can only make these one time as they’re permanent boosters. Make all three, and you’ll start with 150 AP, which is a huge help. Make all three AP Boosters as soon as you can!

Closing Tips

  • Take advantage of the Auto-Recon function, as it lets you expend energy to quickly farm up materials from past areas you’ve cleared.
  • Always have an exploration active. Use your highest leveled crewmates for the biggest yield. Don’t worry, you can still use them in battle.
  • Check the tavern every day to see if you can recruit new crewmates. You’ll want to get at least one of each class, so you can perform all the class-dependent events.

That concludes our guide on Stellar Hunter. If you have any other helpful tips you’d like to share, let us know in the comments below!

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