The nice stealth puzzle game Third Eye Crime is currently available for a reduced price on the App Store. A price that’s a true steal, since the game is all about stealing.

The Moonshot developed game is now available for only $0.99 instead of $2.99. The game is definitely worth its full price, though, so getting it for a less is really convenient.

Third Eye Crime, developed by Moonshot Games, is a stealth game starring an art thief called Rothko who has a very peculiar ability that quite handy for any thief: see where guards are looking and where they are going. Thanks to this ability, it will be possible to steal all kinds of stuff without being seen, if you’re careful enough.

Unfortunately it will really be impossible for our Rothko to make it out unseen every time, as the guards will be able to catch a glimpse of him every now and them. Once they spot the thief, they will head to that same place. This can actually be used against the guards as a distraction, to clear the way and continue doing what Rothko does best: stealing.

Third Eye Crime is now available for a reduced price on the App Store. The price won’t stay this low forever so make sure to take advantage of this offer before it expires.



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