A new week is starting with a brand new obsession for us (and probably for you too): Stay in Line, a minimalist skill game that challenges you to guide a dot through an ever-changing lane. Impossible. But we are here to try and make your journey as easy as possible and help you get a high score that will blow your friends away, so read on our Stay in Line cheats and tips in our strategy guide.

Please have in mind that at the moment of writing we’re still looking for genuine Stay in Line cheats and we’ll share them as soon as we find them. Until then, check out our tips and tricks that will certainly make you game better:

1. “Draw” the route
Probably the most difficult thing about Stay in Line is that you are tapping at the bottom of the screen and not on the dot, which makes the whole thing a lot less natural and it’s the reason why you keep failing. I found out that “drawing” the pattern of the road helps a lot – so instead of simply swiping your finger left or right, go up and down too and move your finger as if you were on that road. Everything will be more natural and you’ll be able to go much further.

2. Some parts are impossible
This is a game that randomly generates the routes each time you play and sometimes it manages to create something that’s impossible to beat, like those long horizontal lines that are from one end to the other. Bad luck if you find one of those, you’ll have to start over. So it’s good to know that instead of getting mad that you can’t beat them!

3. Don’t swipe to fast
Your moves and swipes should be flowing perfectly, don’t swipe as if you were slicing fruits in Fruit Ninja. Fast, sudden swipes are more difficult to control and you will most likely end up hitting a wall. Keeping a nice flow and moving your finger as if you were a band-master works a lot better.

4. Double your score instantly
There is a pro version here, Stay in Line Pro, that costs 99 cents, but offers a huge advantage: it gives you double points every time you play. So basically, even if your friends are a bit better than you are, your 200 points will become 400 and so on. Easier to get a huge score this way and probably the only way to get over 1,000. There are other goodies if you upgrade, like the removal of ads and a new game theme.

5. Play on an iPad
We’re always testing the games on both the iPhone and iPad, and Stay in Line seems to be easier to play on the iPad because of the bigger screen. So if you have the option to choose the device you’re playing the game on, go for the iPad to make it all easier.

And these would be our Stay in Line tips and tricks for now. If you have any others to share or if you manage to find some cheats for the game, let us know by commenting below!


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