I thought that the Flappy Bird craze has died several solid months ago – if not longer, but apparently that’s not the case and there are developers still trying to revolutionize the genre and strike it big. A major improvement is FitFlap, the first “flappy” game that helps you get fit, stay fit and have a lot of fun at the same time.

You will control the main character (which can be more than just a bird – you can go for pigs and other cute animals too) by flapping your arms in front of your device’s camera. You will go fast or slow, you will stop and try again. It’s the same Flappy Bird craze you always knew, but with this extra twist that surely makes it extremely fun, especially if you’re playing it together with friends – just imagine how goofy everything is and laughter is ensured!

Using BreakFirst’s proprietary motion-tracking technology and devices’ built-in ameras, FitFlap precisely follows the player’s physical movements and translates them into distance flown, height reached, and, ultimately, calories burned. But don’t even think about cheating – this smart game can tell the difference between half-baked hand wiggling and serious arm flapping.

Check out the FitFlap trailer below to know what you’re up against:

FitFlap is available as a free download on iTunes and I am sure you want to give it a try.


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