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Stash Location in Diablo 4 – Where to Find Stash

Stash Location in Diablo 4 – Where to Find Stash
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What comes after ravaging a massive horde of demons? Grabbing all the shiny loot, of course! Enemies can drop all sorts of precious loot in Diablo 4, but you cannot grab everything due to the limited inventory space. That is where the handy-dandy stash comes in, as you can stow away items you want to keep for later. Wondering where to find the stash? Here is the stash location in Diablo 4.

Finding the stash location in Diablo 4

You cannot access the stash until you have progressed a bit into the main quest. Once you reach the main city of Kyovashad, you can finally utilize the stash. Open your map and look towards the northern section of the city to see the stash.

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If you are having issues locating the stash, take a look at the screenshot below for the exact location, courtesy of Mapgenie.io’s interactive Diablo 4 map.

Image via Mapgenie.io

The stash is marked on your map with an open chest icon, and it should be right next to the wardrobe, which is marked by a closet. Both of them are directly north of Kyovashad’s waypoint for easy access.

The stash lets you store items for later use. You start the game out with one stash page with 50 slots in it, but you can purchase additional pages at 100,000 gold a piece. While this seems like a lot of gold, you really only use the stash to store very rare loot, like legendary pieces of equipment. Do not bother with more common items, as you will probably replace them quickly.

There are more stashes to find later in the game. As to be expected, you can find a stash at every major city in Sanctuary, so you do not have to worry about coming back to Kyovashad every time you want to store something. Once you find a new city, pop open your map to see where the new stash is located.

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Stash Location in Diablo 4 – Where to Find Stash