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All Silent Chests Locations in Diablo 4

All Silent Chests Locations in Diablo 4
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As you journey through the decimated lands of Sanctuary, you may come across mysterious chests locked with gold chains. These chests are known as Silent Chests, and the only way to unlock them is with a Whispering Key. Here are all Silent Chests locations in Diablo 4.

Silent Chest locations in Diablo 4

Silent Chests are randomly generated chests that contain rare loot suitable for your current level. These chests often contain equipment upgrades for your character, so it is usually worth your time to go after them.

That being said, finding Silent Chests is a whole different story. Silent Chests are random spawns, and they can show up just about anywhere out there in the wilderness.

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So, where do you even start looking? Since Silent Chests are usually hiding goodies within, they are often guarded by enemy camps. If you see a small enclosure with tons of enemies nearby, there might be a Silent Chest somewhere close.

Silent Chests can also be found off the beaten path. If you head to dead ends or the edges of the map, you can sometimes find Silent Chests. The only thing for sure is that you probably will not find any Silent Chests if you stay too close to the main roads. Be brave and explore uncharted territory!

Image via Activision Blizzard

How to unlock Silent Chests with Whispering Keys

Finding the Silent Chest is only the first part, as each one is locked by a mysterious force. In order to unlock a Silent Chest, you need a Whispering Key.

Whispering Keys can be purchased from Purveyor of Curiosities vendors for 20 Obols. Obols are not that hard to come by, and you cap out at 500 initially, so Whispering Keys are usually pretty good deals.

Short on Obols? The best way to earn more is to defeat bosses and complete world events. You usually earn a lot of Obols from both events.

Once you get your Whispering Key(s), you should return to where you found a Silent Chest immediately. Silent Chests do not stick around forever, as they are constantly popping up in new areas, so you want to open them while they are still there.

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All Silent Chests Locations in Diablo 4