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How to Remove Necromancer Minions in Diablo 4

Learn how to banish your summoned minions in Diablo 4.

The iconic undead summoning Necromancer returns in Diablo 4, commanding the legions of the dead to fight for them in combat. The summoned Necromancer minions are quite strong, but if you want to banish them for whatever reason, we can show you what to do. Here is how to remove Necromancer minions in Diablo 4.

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Removing Necromancer minions in Diablo 4

Removing Necromancer minions is surprisingly a little confusing in Diablo 4. There are actually a couple of ways you can remove your minions, and the most straightforward option is to simply remove the corresponding summoning skill from your hotbar.

As soon as you remove the summon skill from your hotbar, all of your summoned minions should immediately be banished to the shadow realm. The Necro’s minions are pretty awesome and powerful, but sometimes you just want a moment of peace to yourself. This is a quick and easy method to remove summons, but how about a more permanent method?

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Once a Necromancer reaches level 5, they gain access to the Book of the Dead, a unique skill customizer available only to Necromancers. The Book of the Dead allows you to give your summoned minions different properties, which allows you to fine-tune your minions’ general combat strategy.

You can set all types of minions to Sacrifice within the Book of the Dead. The Sacrifice options removes the ability to summon that specific type of minion, and in exchange, the Necromancer gains passive buffs as long as the minion stays set to Sacrifice.

If you are building your Necromancer to not use the summoned minions at all, setting all your minions to Sacrifice is the best way to go about this. Not only do you have to no longer worry about the minions, you also get some helpful stat buffs in the process.

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How to Remove Necromancer Minions in Diablo 4