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Stardew Valley: How to Obtain the Galaxy Sword

Stardew Valley: How to Obtain the Galaxy Sword

Stardew Valley is an exciting project that allows you to take care of your own farm and explore different locations. Sometimes you will have to fight against monsters and for this purpose, you will need to get a weapon. The game has a huge list of different swords and other items that you can use to fight your enemies. In this article, we are going to talk about one of the best weapons in this project. This guide will tell you how to obtain the Galaxy Sword in Stardew Valley.

What Is the Galaxy Sword in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley has lots of weapons and you may want to know the best among them. The Galaxy Sword is one of the most powerful items and it is able to deal a huge amount of damage. However, this weapon is quite problematic to get and today we are going to help you.

How to Get the Galaxy Sword in Stardew Valley

Galaxy Sword is a really powerful weapon and if you want to get it you will have to use an item called Prismatic Shard. Go to the Calic Desert and find the Three Pillars. Take the shard in your hands and move to the point between these pillars. After that, you will see animation and your shard will disappear. Instead of it, you will get your Galaxy Sword.

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How to Get the Prismatic Shard in Stardew Valley

Prismatic Shards are extremely valuable items in Stardew Valley. They can be used for different purposes and lots of characters like to receive them as gifts. Here is the list of ways to get Prismatic Shards in Stardew Valley:

  • Mining Iridium rocks with an upgraded pickaxe.
  • Opening a frost, omni, or magma geode.
  • Completing the Jojo Mart/Community Center quest that requires you to repair the Quarry bridge.

Galaxy Sword is a really powerful weapon and hopefully, you will be able to find it. Good luck with your adventures in Stardew Valley!

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Stardew Valley: How to Obtain the Galaxy Sword


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