How to Unlock Crimson Badlands in Stardew Valley Expanded


Crimson Badlands is one of the most terrible but, at the same time, one of the most exciting places that will be added by installing the Stardew Valley Expanded mod. Moreover, this location might appear even beneficial for you. However, before getting benefits, you need to unlock it. So, read this guide to find out how to unlock Crimson Badlands in Stardew Valley Expanded. No time to lose, let’s start!

Unlocking Crimson Badlands in Stardew Valley Expanded

If you have used this mod, you need to know that developers have changed the location of the Crimson Badlands. It is more challenging to get to them, but it is still worth the result. So, to make the guide more understandable for you, unlocking Crimson Badlands will be divided into a few steps.

  • Get a galaxy sword. This sword is used to teleport to other dimensions. After you will get a sword, visit the Marlon Galaxy Sword Event.
  • Complete the Volcano dungeon. Introduce yourself to Lance after that.
  • Interact with Clint and complete The Boulder Quest.
  • When you have it successfully done, you need to move between locations. However, it might appear pretty hard to teleport. So, that is the sequence of the required areas: Wizards Tower, Farm, Adventurers Guild, Junimo Woods, Sprite Spring, Apples the Junimo. You need to just stay on teleport for a few seconds on all of these locations.
  • If you did everything correctly, Camilla will come to your house and take you to Galdora. After that, the Crimson Badlands will be unlocked.

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In conclusion, unlocking the Crimson Badlands might appear pretty challenging, especially if you are a beginner in Minecraft PE. However, it’s undoubtedly worth the result; you must do it. So, thank you for reading the guide. Hope it was helpful for you.

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How to Unlock Crimson Badlands in Stardew Valley Expanded


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