Tiny Death Star is the first Star Wars game to get released after Disney has bought the rights of the series created by George Lucas. It’s almost fitting that this game features an almost cutesy look that kinda strides with the concept behind it and its ultimate goal.

Building the fearsome Death Star is definitely not hard to do in the game as long as you keep everything in check. You cannot truly fail in this game as you cannot lose money nor progress.

Still, there are a few tips that we can share to all wannabe Sith Lords to make the whole ordeal even more pleasent.

  • Bitizens

Bitizens are actually the most important element of the game since you’ll be able to proceed only thanks to them. You will have to make apartments for them as well give them jobs in shops and keep the business going. One thing that you should never forget is that Bitizens will constantly come into your game and that you will have to move the Bitizens into each room manually. Once a good number of Bitizens has come into your base, you will be able to sort them out more efficiently. Make sure to assign each of the best ones to their dream jobs as they will be more productive and help you earn money more quickly.

  • Business

While settling Bitizens in your apartments is quite easy, managing businesses and making them successful requires a bit more care from your part. You can assign three different Bitizens to each business with each one dealing with the stock differently. The first Bitizen’s stock will come in quickly but will sell out fast while the third one is the exact opposite. Learn how to keep a constant flow of cash and you won’t have to count your coins anytime soon. Using Bitizens who are actually good at the job is also going to help.

  • The Emperor

Building is all well and good, but a true Sith never stays idle while others do all the dirty work. Make sure to keep checking the Emperor to see if he has some extra missions for you to do. It’s usually pretty easy stuff that will make you earn some quick money.

  • Upgrade the elevator

While you may be tempted to buy a lot of different stuff for your base, there’s a single upgrade that can only be obtained by buying it. Upgrading the elevator is also going to increase the tip amount, making your earn money quickly. The NB200 Commercial Lift is a good upgrade to get if you have just started the game, as it doesn’t cost too much and will double your tips.



    • That’s exactly how I felt when playing the game. As I wrote in my review for the game, the Star Wars fan service makes the game really hard to put down.