The first Star Wars puzzle game is here with the release of Star Wars Puzzle Droids for iPhone and Android powered devices. I wasn’t really expecting to play a Star Wars themed match three game soon, but we have it here and it’s really fun. And I am planning to make it even more fun for you by sharing a bunch of Star Wars Puzzle Droids cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide for the game.

We all know that luck pays an important part in match three games, so on some occasions you will just be unable to complete a level because the right pieces didn’t drop in the right spots, but for all the other occasions, Touch Tap Play’s Star Wars Puzzle Droids tips and tricks should come in handy, so read on!

1. Always play with the mission in mind
Each level has a mission for you and your gameplay should revolve around completing the requirements as fast as possible. However, this doesn’t mean to only match the required tiles or only work around the ones you need unlocked. Be smart with your approach of each level by planning a strategy that will give the best results in the shortest amount of time.

2. Take advantage of all the help
And remove the blockers and pests as fast as possible. By “help” I mean such things as the worm that clears the way for you – and he’s extremely useful! So in most cases, trying to match as many circuits as possible gives you a huge boost – either by using the worm or by removing blockers on the map. So this goes well hand in hand with the previous tip: on most occasions, you get more by trying to collect the circuits to enable the worm (for example) than for trying to remove than by trying to remove the blocking tiles by creating matches near them.

3. Go for special tiles first
If you’ve played a match three game in the past, you probably know this rule: it’s best to try and match 4 or more tiles in a row in order to get special tiles with awesome powers. Apart from the regular 4 and 5 tiles in a row, you can also go for square shaped matches or T-shaped matches in order to unlock special tiles.

To make things even more interesting, you can try matching two special tiles for getting an even better effect. These special tiles and using them right at the correct time can win the most difficult levels for you easily!

4. Use the Power-ups when you need them
The Power-ups are extremely useful, but it’s also difficult to get them without spending real money. Therefore, you should try to keep them for as long as possible and use them only in the most difficult stages, where they will actually help you win the game. If you hurry and use them in the early stages, you’ll have a much more difficult time later on when the difficulty increases. Also, if you use them in a level that you lose afterwards, it’s even more painful. So make sure that you make every power-up count and use them to make the difference!

5. Replay levels
I said earlier in the article that luck pays an important role in the game. This means that sometimes you can get the wrong side of the stick when it comes to the way tiles drops and potential matches are created. So replay levels and eventually you’ll get them done. Also, for some reason, it seems that after failing a level, when I retry playing it, things get a little bit easier and they get easier and easier as I replay more often – this might be a key to beating extremely difficult levels without spending real money on them.

6. Match at the bottom
One of the golden rules of match three games – which applies here as well – is to try and create matches at the bottom. Doing so can ensure a ton of chain reactions take place with the tiles dropping from the top creating matches on their own and helping you a lot. So always try to create matches at the bottom in order to take advantage of this potential lucky drop.

This would be if for now in terms of Star Wars Puzzle Droids tips and tricks. If you have other suggestions for players, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.


  1. I need a bit help, because I can’t get any further than level 39 (I completed level 39).
    My mission is to defeat scavengers on level 40. Rey’s level is 80% and Jakku is 71% complete. All my 39 levels are gold. But whatever I do, I won’t get any further. My level 40 doesn’t excist.
    Do you have any tips or tricks to get to this level?

    • We didn’t get that far, but maybe that’s all in terms of content so far and you might have to wait for an update. Did you play the increased difficulty levels as well?

  2. I really likes this game in the besinning but Now I feel that this game is shit!!!! I have paid at least 700 Swedish kronor and that is a LOT of money in My Country and the game just stop and I Loose My money so I have desided to delete this s*** game and never ever download it again!!!!!!

  3. Really have enjoyed the game and I have mastered the first 209 levels (all but 1). Which is anticlimactic since level 210 is bugged and the unique tiles on this level don’t trigger after the 2nd or 3rd phase. :(

  4. Uh-oh! I am trying to get thru level 209. It stops at 210? Just be a big as I am only about 32% co.played in the deathstar. Hope it gets fixed.

  5. I too am stuck on level 210. Have done all three levels, Master Level completed, but it still won’t unlock so that I can go on to level 211. What do I need to do?


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