Star Trek – Wrath of Gems is a highly unbalanced and frustrating game at the moment of writing this, but if you are a Star Trek like I am, you will get past these problems and you’ll keep on playing, trying to make the most out of this poor attempt at a game. And to make your life a lot easier, I am here to help you with some Star Trek – Wrath of Gems cheats and tips to win your battles, unlock more characters and have as much fun as possible. Although the last part might prove to be the most difficult of them all…

But let’s not waste a single second and let’s go where no man has ever gone before with some Star Trek – Wrath of Gems tips and tricks!

1. Play the Versus like crazy
You won’t start playing and you’ll already hit an impossible wall in the single player campaign. So start playing and winning matches in the Versus mode. Once you unlock your third hero (in my case, Deana) you should have no trouble winning the matches early on as you will most likely face 2-crew teams. So use and abuse that mode to get the great rewards, including card packs and all the other goodies.

2. Start building up the healing
One of the worst mechanics ever in a mobile game is the health meter of all your heroes. Basically, you can’t play more than once in a row because your heroes will be injured, and that is why you should take advantage of Data’s healing super power as soon as possible: try to match the blue gems early on to increase his healing bar and use it as soon as you have the chance: you won’t be able to keep everybody at max health levels, but at least you’ll have a lot less time to wait for the healing to happen.

3. Match based on your skills and always go for the offensive. When talking about crew fights or starship fights, you should always go for the offensive first (the color of the attacking character or the red and green ones in the Starship’s case) The higher the level of your characters, the more tiles will result in offensive moves.

Also, it’s really important to have in mind the special skills of your characters. As Data has the blue tiles, Worf has the Red ones and so on. They will increase as you upgrade them and unlock better special abilities. Work on filling those up and use them as soon as you have the chance to get the upper hand in battle.

4. Target the strongest character first – this is what the game suggests and I tend to somewhat agree with this. The strongest character is more difficult to defeat, though and has greater health so in some occasions, it would be best to target the lowest health characters first, especially if they have more than one special skill unlocked. This way, you reduce the chances of them triggering their special skills which are more destructive than the regular attacks.

5. Always start the game by looking for a 4-piece match or more. Your opponent can’t use the special stones created this way and they can offer a great advantage. If you have a 5-piece match, then make sure to use the resulting tile with the one you need the most (to heal, attack or fill up your meters).

6. Always level up your characters and Starship. You will need that because the level of difficulty in the single player campaign is insane. You can still try and have a chance to win single player missions even if the level of your opponent is slightly higher, but you will need more tries for that and you have to be a bit lucky. Worth trying because there will come a moment when you’ll hit a wall and have nothing else to do than hope for some luck to move forward and upgrade your characters.

7. Replay older stages
Another great way to pile up on the resources to upgrade your characters is to replay older stages. Check out the rewards offered for getting the indicated number of wins and be smart when replaying them: start with a character/hero mission, continue with a straship mission and move on to a puzzle/versus mission where you have to collect only a specific type of pieces. This way, until you complete the final mission, your characters are healed and you can keep on doing this.

All in all, Star Trek – Wrath of Gems has some really nice and interesting concepts, but right now it crashes too often, loses connection too often and is highly unbalanced. But hopefully future updates will make this game better – and until then, our tips and tricks will have helped you at least a bit.


  1. This game is all about driving you to in-app purchases. It’s literally impossible to progress without shelling out cash. I love Star Trek but this game is a massive let down. Fix the game’s economics now!

  2. I’ve never spent a dime on this game. Sometimes it is just luck getting a card you need to upgrade. Play the story and event arc for both TOG and TNG when you are able.

  3. I REALLY wish I would have known that the different versions of the same character have different abilities…. I sold my tier 1 Data so I could make room for the tier 2 Data that I won, assuming that t2 would have the same skillset. They don’t. T2 Data skills aren’t very good for very low level beginners such as myself. Please make sure that the next tier has skills that’ll be useful before you chuck your current heroes. ..

  4. I played this for a about 2 months then accidently reset my game by delinking Facebook. Recently I’ve restarted from scratch so I know many more tricks.

    1) Level characters together. Do not let one character level to 50 while your others are straggling behind. The reason is versus mode picks battles based on your highest 3 characters so your top level 50 might be dead already and then you’ve got a bunch of weaklings fighting with high-level characters.

    2) Put meatshield characters in front of Worf, Prugue for TNG — Alvaro, Kirk for TOS. These characters have special gem powers than can sometimes wipe out all opponents in a single hit (Worf especially). If you keep these characters about 20% level behind your other characters, the paired characters end up taking the attacks you need to build up the special powers. So each fight, you rotate in yet another meatshield.

    3) Limit your levels as much as possible. Special powers often have fixed damaged amounts so you evolve data to level 5 white, he does 235 damage. Fighting level 25 characters, 235 will kill a opposing enemy. Fighting level 50 characters, that’s 1/3rd the hit points — maybe 1/4th or 1/5th of a 2/3-star opponent. Take advantage of the fact that everybody else will level as soon as possible. Hence it’s better to have a level 35 character will every special power maximized fighting competing level 35’s with only 5 or 6 evolutions.

    4) Level up your spaceships less than your characters. Because you can add characters to your ship, you gain an extra advantage using a level 25 ship with level 35 characters onboard for extra damage because you will likely be facing 25/25’s in versus modes. You do not need high level ships to finish either the story or events. I’ve easily beaten level 80 ships in Legendary Events using a 35 Vorcha. Use the orange power (purple for Romulan BOP) to make certain patterns. Red gems in a U will do about 1000 damage at level 35. A square outline will do 1500. A solid square will do 3500. I’ve hit as high as 5500 with a solid square where a few other attack gems fell into resultant chaos.

    5) Save up your gold for character and spaceship slots. Do not spend it to evolve a character or ship.

    • These are good suggestions. I’ve been playing the game for 2 years now, almost from the beginning. Once you get up in the pretty much all 3-tier range, things start to change. Raising the character levels does help the ships power. But there are a few characters that *are* powerful The Warf 1-tier is still a very powerful character, and when matched with the right level 3 characters recharges fast enough to give them an edge. Warf 1-tier red gems clear 2 rows and a 5×5 area. When that happens the AP is given to the higher characters, which can clear a board with a little luck. Most of my 1-star characters are not much higher than level 1, I never upgraded them, because tier-2 characters were significantly more powerful, then came the tier 3. and 3+ The more you play the game, the more you get an understanding of what it does, but the best thing is to find a combination of characters that play the way you play, and that are strong enough to stand up against what is thrown against you. Then, to get the characters in the right order, and to keep the heat off the important one. Ships are a little more complicated, and harder to deal with. A lot depends on how you weaponize them and the characters you have on board. But you need to understand the power of the opponent, and what gems they use, and to pick a ship that works well against it — either the same ship, to compete for gems, limiting your opponent, or a different ship, so that you can pick up gems they can’t. Right now, there are problems with bugs in the code…. Hopefully they will fix them soon…


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