Star Trek has come to iOS! Star Trek Timelines is an all-new strategy RPG. Form a crew of characters from all over the Star Trek universe and solve the mystery behind the clashing timelines. We’ll help you gather your crewmates with our Star Trek Timelines cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Always use the right crew member for the job!


Each crew member excels at a different type of skill, whether it be Science, Diplomacy, Combat, and so forth. During space battles, your ship will have crew positions that match one of the skills. If you place a crew with a matching skill in the position, your ship will perform better during combat. This goes double for the away team sections where you team navigates a tree of events. You must use the correct crew member otherwise you will not succeed in the events!

2. Try to go along different paths!

During the away team segments, repeated use of the same crew member will temporarily decrease their skills. To avoid this, you will need to alternate between the crew you assigned to the away team. Try to travel along the paths so that you end up in a favorable and flexible position for yourself. For example, if you complete a diplomacy event, but there’s another one two spaces ahead, complete an event of a different type before tackling the next diplomacy event, as your crew member’s skills will be refreshed.

3. Don’t stick with the same crew members!

Keep in mind that crew members only receive experience if they are selected for a ship battle or an away team spot. If you use the same crew members over and over again, the rest of your team will not level up and they will quickly fall behind! Try to use different members as you progress through the game. Of course, you can also use experience boosters to immediately grant some experience to a crew member but these are uncommon so don’t rely on them!

4. Outfit your crew!

Your crew members have equipment slots that boost their skills when given appropriate equipment. If you can fill up all equipment slots, you may “advance” the character. Their skills and maximum level will increase when you do so. If you’re trying to work on a particular character, you can tap the equipment box to see how to acquire that specific gear. Try to power up your crew members as much as you can!

5. Faction missions are great for extra materials!

At level four you will unlock the ability to undergo Faction missions. Faction missions are side missions that require you to send out a small crew to deal with a mission assigned from one of the many factions of the Star Trek universe. They work just like the ship battles and away team missions: just assign suitable crew members for the job, and the success chance of the mission will increase. These missions are a great way to get experience boosters and crafting materials.

6. Revisit older missions!

For the away team missions, in order to achieve all three stars on the level, you need to discover all of the rare items. This means that you must get a critical success (when the bar reaches the white point at the end) on each event, which might not happen if your crew isn’t strong enough. Once your crew has gotten significantly stronger, try going back to the older missions and replaying them. Getting critical success should be no problem at that point.

That’s all for Star Trek Timelines. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



  1. That’s great for beginners but do you have any tips for advanced players the tips you have or like I said great but I’m looking for more in-depth furthering the game kind of tips if you have any or if you know of any cheats thank you


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