Star Trek Fleet Command PvP Guide: Best Crews, Tips, and More


One of the best multiplayer strategies for mobile devices is called Star Trek: Fleet Command and it has a huge community of players who play it. There are lots of different ships that you will have to use and some of them are good for PvP. In order to make your ship stronger in Star Trek: Fleet Command, you will have to put the correct crew in it. So, in this Star Trek Fleet Command PvP Guide, we will give you some tips on the best crews and more.

Best Crews for PvP in Star Trek: Fleet Command

Star Trek: Fleet Command is one of the greatest MMORTS games in the modern game industry and there are lots of cool features. The game has a huge list of different ships and characters from the Star Trek franchise and you will have to use them to fight against your opponents and explore the universe.

PvP is one of the most popular activities in this game. There you will have to fight against other players and usually, these battles last quite long. So, if you choose a ship for PvP it should be sustainable. The most popular options for PvP are USS Enterprise, Valdore, and Augur.

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If you want to choose an Enterprise as your main PvP ship then you should try to use officers that belong to this ship’s crew. For example, you could create a team with TOS James T. Kirk, TOS Nyota Uhura, and Alexander Marcus. These characters will make your Enterprise stronger and it will be a great PvP build.

Also, we recommend you use Captain Sylvia Tilly, Gabriel Lorca, and Khan Noonien Singh as a generic crew for standard ships like Valdore. As for the Augur team we recommend you Ash Tyler, Philippa Georgiou, and D’jaoki.

There are lots of different crews that you can create in Star Trek: Fleet Command and those that we mentioned are among the strongest ones. However, you can always try to make an unusual build with other officers. Good luck in your fights and battles in Star Trek: Fleet Command!

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Star Trek Fleet Command PvP Guide: Best Crews, Tips, and More


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