Star Ocean: Anamnesis

New content has hit Star Ocean: Anamnesis, the mobile entry in the long-running series, thanks to a brand new collaboration event with another mobile RPG.

The new content is inspired by Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Thanks to the event, players can summon new characters from the game, such as Rain and Fina, as well as obtain 10,000 Gems as login bonus and some brand new weapons, like the Crimson Saber (5-star One-handed Sword), Reincarnator (5-star Bow) and Purple Lightning (5-star Blade & Sheath).

A new time-limited event called Vision of New Beginnings is also available right now, where players will have to face the Exiled Knight boss. Choose from Fina, Rain or Lasswell as guest characters and receive Star Quartz by clearing missions. Star Quartz can be used to obtain rare items from a special Vision of New Beginnings Box Draw.

Last year, Star Ocean: Anamnesis received additional content inspired by other Square Enix RPG. Back in October, 2B from Nier: Automata was added to the game as a guest character, complete with some of her signature special attacks.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis is now available in all regions on iOS, Android. The new content is also available right now worldwide.


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