Stack Rabbit is a brilliant game developed by Disney that seems easy at first, but proves to be actually very challenging as you progress through the levels. I am here to make your life easier by sharing with you a set of Stack Rabbit cheats and as many tips and tricks as possible in order to get you going for the three star rewards. This advice are for the iOS version only, please have that in mind.

If you want to get the most from the game, our Stack Rabbit tips and tricks below should help:

1. The Stack Rabbit Time Cheat
Just like in the case of many other games, you can fast forward the time in the game to get free lives. Simply go to your device’s time settings and change the time (one hour ahead or 1 day, whatever you want) and when you get back to the game, you will have all your lives back. Pretty cool and useful to complete all those levels!

2. Plan your moves ahead
Every time you play a level, the vegetables that are available will change, so you should do some planning first, not only on the path that you should follow for your current run, but also for your upcoming steps. Take into consideration the vegetables that will grow too, not to get stuck and lose a match.

3. Keep veggies from growing
The square on which you’ll be standing after a match is made will not see that vegetable grow that turn, so go even more hardcore with your planning and make sure you always keep a path for you and you have a viable option next move.

4. Move fast
Once you have three vegetables of the same kind stacked, they will start blinking and eventually they will disappear and consume a match. However, you still have some time to add at least a few more and if that is possible, make sure that you do it in order to clear as many as possible.

5. Don’t be afraid to waste a move
It’s true that generally you need to complete a level with the minimum number of moves in order to get the three star rating, but it’s not always all about the three star rating, but about moving forward. So don’t hesitate to do a “cleaning session” by stacking as many vegetables of different kinds as possible to give you more options when the next match comes.

6. Only get the extra moves if you’re sure they are enough
Being priced at almost $1, the three moves are extremely expensive, but sometimes you might feel that you can’t complete the level without spending the money. If you’re in such a situation, make sure that those three moves will actually get you to the finish line and not be just a waste of money.

7. It’s better to invest in bundles
If you really want to spend the money, instead of those three extra moves, it would be best to invest in Powerup Bundles which give you a bigger bang for your buck. Just make sure you don’t waste those extra moves once you have them because all levels can be completed (eventually) without any extra help.

8. Replay levels
Sometimes, because of the random factor of the levels design, they can be more difficult than on other tries. So keep playing the same level over and over again, learn where the real obstacles are and what to do to avoid them. Eventually, you will make it! Good luck!

I really hope that our Stack Rabbit tips and that useful cheat for the great iOS puzzle game helped you understand the game better and get the most out of it. If that is the case, don’t forget to share this guide with your friends!


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