The 2013 Tokyo Game Show has come and gone but exciting new tidbits continue to roll out including this first ever gameplay demo for upcoming F2P iOS game Final Fantasy Agito.

The roughly eight minute long demo shows off a number of Agito’s different gameplay elements including character creation and customization, the game’s travel systems, combat, and other general gameplay systems. Final Fantasy Agito was first announced earlier this month for iOS devices in Japan but Agito’s game director Hajime Tabata later confirmed that it “will definitely be localized” for Western gamers as well.

Check out the first FF Agito gameplay video below:

Final Fantasy Agito takes place in the same universe as Final Fantasy Type-O; a PSP game that was released two years ago but only in Japan. Agito will be a retelling of the Type-O narrative from the new perspective of player-created characters. Since Agito will be F2P, it will also support in-app purchases but Tabata has been careful to clarify that his own distaste towards “pay to win” F2P models means Agito’s in-app purchases will not be required for players who want to experience the entirety of Final Fantasy Agito’s narrative.

Final Fantasy Agito is currently slated for a winter, 2013 launch in Japan with Western versions coming soon after.